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Remote Work in Dallas: 5 Jobs Taking the Virtual Route

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Did you know that Dallas is one of the best cities for tech jobs? Its economy is powered by a diverse industry base, startups, corporate relocations, and a steady supply of local candidates from local colleges. Today, the city is booming with an abundance of remote IT employment opportunities


As a result of the move to remote work (primarily due to COVID-19), many of Dallas’ local tech leaders and brands now offer flexible work options that didn’t exist or weren’t popular before 2020. Our remote work scene now consists of…

  • 100% Remote (Anywhere) – The employee can be located anywhere in the country or even internationally.
  • 100% Remote (Local) – The employee must be located in the DFW..
  • Hybrid Model – The employee or company chooses a plan that might include a certain number of days in the office and working from home.

For Dallas employees, one of the best added benefits of these offerings is that salaries are no longer jeopardized by choosing a remote work option. It’s no longer necessary to take a salary cut just to work from home, but oftentimes the opposite. With Dallas’ competitive tech wages spiking higher than ever, employees can make a Dallas income and live in an area offering a lower cost of living.

And finally, technology is making it all possible. Modern technologies allow for remote daily stand-up meetings and ways to communicate that are still new to many of us. Within virtual meetings, teams can present their statuses on projects, brainstorm with colleagues, and do many of the things they’d do in a typical office setting.


Certain IT roles are easier to work in a in a fully remote capacity than others. Here are five key roles offering remote and flexible work options in Dallas today.

1. Development & Engineering

Development and Engineering roles often include Developers (Application and Data), Software Architects, Data Architects, Technical Leads, Quality Assurance (QA), and many more. These roles can work entirely remotely because of the digital nature of their workload and duties. From coding to testing to implementation, developers can meet with their teams and produce a product without ever stepping foot in an office.


With Dallas’ IT boom, Tech Recruiters are a crucial piece of the puzzle. IT Recruiters utilize a number of digital tools and platforms, such as application tracking systems (ATS), social media, and other sourcing tools to recruit top candidates. Because of their digital capabilities, experienced Tech Recruiters are able to do their jobs fully remote.


Data entry and analysis can all be done from home. Most companies across Dallas are offering remote or flexible work options for these types of roles to sift through and manage their vast amounts of data.


IT Support roles can include Desktop Support Technicians, Help Desk Technicians, IT and Technical Support Specialists, along with many others.

While several IT Support positions can work from home, employees may have to stay local to the DFW area. That’s because these roles require employees to work on physical equipment like servers, laptops, hardware, and other critical technology utilized across the business. Their best bet is to choose a 100% remote yet local role or work out a hybrid work arrangement with their manager and company.

5.UX/UI (User Experience & User Interface)

Finally, Dallas is a hot spot for UX professionals, a job that grew five times over from 2019 to 2020. With COVID-19 came the need for digital transformation. Companies simply needed (and still need) better websites, more seamless checkout and payment methods, and ways to optimize their online presence. Hence the growth in the UX/UI job market. These roles are typically able to work from home since they can design and optimize websites from anywhere in the world and meet with their team virtually.


IT remote work is here to stay in Dallas, but it presents a considerable challenge to companies: Competition for top talent is at an all-time high! Businesses across other major tech hubs like NYC, LA, Seattle, Atlanta, and Boston are competing for the same pool of candidates, so Dallas companies could continue to face hiring difficulties.

This challenge is amplified with more satisfied employees and a better work-life balance. Not needing to commute will continue to save employees time, money, gas, and frustration. And since talent can now get everything they need from their employers, Dallas businesses could struggle to offer better benefits and reasons to work for them over their competition.

It’s now critical for businesses to hire quickly and efficiently while also offering the right mix of benefits and remote work options. Talent needs to remain at the forefront of employers’ minds as they consider their IT hiring strategies.

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