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Remote Part-Time Jobs for Students: Perks and Pitfalls

Trusting-458169-editedFor many, paying bills can be challenging at times. For college students, lacking degrees, experience and time (due to classes) this problem can feel tenfold. Result? Students end up looking for remote part-time jobs. Whether it is to cover the tuition fee or just for upkeep in school, part-time jobs seem to be a good option to cover these expenses. It also promotes the students' sense of independence since they earn their own money, without relying on parents or friends to give it to them. Most students prefer to take a part-time job that even coincides with their line of study, such as writing essays for money.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the definition of a part-time job is one that is 35 hours or fewer. Some students opt to take even as few as 20 hours a week to balance work and study. Part-time jobs offer many advantages and disadvantages that you need to take into consideration.




Work Experience

Part-time jobs provide a platform for real work experience where the student takes part in completing a certain paid task. Part-time work experience is a great highlight to include in a resume to help get an internship or a job after completing their studies. For example, a thesis editor wants to hire a person who understands the dynamics of writing quality content and can work as part of a team. A part-time job shows that you have some job experience and have been exposed to the job market which is an advantage over other applicants when searching for a job.


Earn Money

One major reason for many folks in taking a part-time job is to get some extra cash. You can use it to buy school items, pay your bills, tuition and cover basic expenses as you study without borrowing from your parents.


Effective Management of Money

The experience of making your own money from a part-time job, helps get a person thinking how to budget and manage their finance. Nobody budgets for your personal expenses and since you are the one that earned it, you should start to think and plan how and where to spend your money. It also teaches you how to save for other future needs.


Gain Useful Skills

During this period, you learn how to deal with different people, improve communication skills, organizational skills, time management, etiquette, and multi-tasking. You will also develop interview skills and improve in writing and filling job applications.


Networking Possibilities

Part-time jobs allow you to meet different people across the professional world. These contacts can provide the basis for a network that builds and directs a lifetime career path.




Less Time for Study

Working while studying means a busy schedule and less time for homework and personal life. One will be working longer hours with less time to rest. This can negatively affect a student's study pattern.


Increased Chances of Absenteeism

Part-time jobs may place restrictions on the student’s study time. Due to exhaustion from the work, they may be less involved in academic activities and eventually find it difficult going to school. Some may even look for a thesis editor to help them with their assignments in school. The job may also override any time set aside for extracurricular activities.


Poor Performance in School

Lack of involvement in school leads to poor grades. Students who work for more than 20 hours a week may find no time to study which results in decreased or poor overall performance in class.


No Extra Benefits

Part-time workers do not enjoy additional benefits like sick leave, health insurance, holiday pay, etc. In case you fall ill and need to take a break from working, you are not covered for that.


Increased Stress and Poor Health

Finding a balance between work and study can be hard for any student. As a result, they end up stressed as there is little time to study for exams or to work on projects and homework. This means you have less time for yourself and it affects your health in the long-run.


In a nutshell, part-time jobs prove to have both advantages and disadvantages for students. Balancing both work and studies is not for everyone. If you really need to embark on this path, you need to be well-organized and self-motivated. Similarly, you need to find time to concentrate on your studies and schoolwork to ensure you get good grades. So, before getting a part-time job while studying, think about whether you will be able to manage both work and study, and if so, go for it.



About the Author: Scarlett Gibson is a professional technical writer who has a focus in editing, social media, and research topics. Her journey to professionalism brought about many part-time opportunities making her a time management expert. 

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