Power Scale: Providing Scalable RPO for an Energy Giant

solar_panel_energy_fullsize.jpgWith nearly 4 million industry employees and a renewables sector that’s spreading like wildfire, the Energy industry is one of the best businesses to be in right now. And despite political debate over the best way to grow the industry in the long term, there’s no doubt that there will be plenty of growth in energy, in some form, for a long time. If you’re a student trying to decide which career direction to choose, energy is a smart bet.

However, with an industry as volatile as the energy sector can be, depending on consistency in hiring would be like depending on a snow storm in May. It could happen, but it’s probably a good idea to plan for life without it. So, that’s what one mega-player in the energy sector did when they hired Yoh to manage their hiring with a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) program.

And after just a few months, they saw how important it was to have an RPO provider who could scale its program up or down at a moment’s notice.


The Dilemma

At times, the client needs its RPO provider to cover only a small percentage of the company's recruiting needs, while at other times the company needs that provider to scale up to handle nearly 100 percent of all hiring. Maximum scalability isn’t just a luxury, it’s a necessity. And to complicate matters even more, these hires weren’t the types of folks that grow on trees. They’re highly skilled wind technician, engineering and senior level managerial roles.


The Strategy

The only strategy that made any sense was an RPO program—one that could quickly and easily fluctuate to accommodate increased hiring demand or hiring freezes. And, of course, the only provider who could make that happen while also having one of the deepest candidate rosters of renewable energy talent in its back pocket, was Yoh. Yoh installed a team of energy staffing experts that ranged from as little as 9 to more than 30 depending on hiring needs. When demand was high, Yoh always had the staff to manage it. When hiring froze, the team easily scaled back, bringing immediate savings and program efficiency.


The Impact

Yoh introduced standardized roles, processes and candidate tracking with its RPO program. With this new system, the client was able to do more with less, increase the quality of its talent, and keep costs as low as possible. When demand is high, Yoh delivers talented engineering recruiters on call. When it’s low, Yoh delivers cost savings by quickly reducing its RPO footprint.

Want to find out more about how we were the energy that fueled this company? Read the full case study here.


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