Podcast: How Southwest Airlines involves the contingent workforce in its company culture

Is there anyone out there that doesn't have a positive perception of Southwest Airlines? They do so much right, and they've used their customer service-oriented culture to establish what is perhaps the most well-regarded airline brand in the United States. But how do they make sure that their culture is protected across their contingent workforce?

I was able to catch up with Greg Muccio, Team Leader -- Employment for Southwest, after he participated in the opening session of the 2010 CWS Summit to ask him that very question.

Greg discusses the importance of being prepared for the growing number of temporary workers, as the trend that began during the recession is likely to continue. For Southwest, their biggest consideration is making sure their increased population of non-employees is aligned with the culture.

To ensure the contingent workforce mirrors the overall Southwest culture, Greg reports greater investments in, you guessed it, engagement. The impact of the increased investment? Increased morale, talent tenure, and efficiency.

It's a brief discussion and well worth the four minutes. Enjoy!

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