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Movieclips Monday: Needs and wants

I want ice cream. Most people would say it’s too early for ice cream, it isn’t even time for lunch yet, but I don’t care what time it is, because I want ice cream. I don’t care what flavor it is. It doesn’t matter if it is chocolate, vanilla, or lactose free vegan butter pecan. I want ice cream right now. Do I need ice cream? I don’t know. Do I? It feels like I need to shovel a delicious creamy scoop of frozen goodness into my mouth, but I guess I really don’t need it. In fact, you could argue that I’ve had enough ice cream to last me the rest of my life.


Every day, hiring managers are faced with a problem when it comes to staffing. While it may not be as difficult as deciding whether or not to eat a pint of Chubby Hubby before noon, dividing the lines between the “must have” skills and experience an employee needs to do the job and the wish list of traits you would like them to have in order for them to do the job can be difficult. As a manager, it is crucial for you to understand the skills and traits you can and cannot live without in order for an employee to possess in order to be successful in a position. While some positions will require a candidate who has lived and breathed a ridiculously specific requirement for a number of years, some positions may require a person with a diverse background who can be taught and is willing to learn. Then it is important to understand that based on what you are willing to pay you may have a difficult time blurring the lines between need and want.

It is equally important to communicate your needs and wants with your staffing partner. A staffing partner will provide more than resumes. A valuable recruiter knows what skill sets are in high demand. They spend their entire day speaking with candidates and hiring manages in your industry. A valuable staffing partner can offer you insight into the current job market. They know what other companies are willing to pay for the skills and experience want and what you need to get the job done.

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