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Movieclips Monday: Bonding and knowing what the little red button does

A few Fridays back, on October 5th, the James Bond film franchise celebrated 50 years of “Bond, James Bond.” And in a few weeks, the newest Bond movie, Skyfall, will be out.

I don’t know how you feel about Daniel Craig as the current James Bond, but I think he fits the bill pretty well. I can’t image how difficult it will be to recruit the next James Bond as I’m sure our kids will still be watching the movies (and remakes of the movies) for many years to come.

I guess the most important thing is to bring a certain style to the part, along with knowing how to act. Each of the Bonds brought something different and to differing degrees, they were good actors. It’s also important that the audience accept them and “bond” with them (excuse the pun).

It brings to mind the complications of recruiting for specific skills like Agile or Cloud computing. In these types of positions, workers will need to understand many different aspects of a position and have the technical knowledge needed to complete the projects. It’s also critical that they fit in with the rest of the team, especially tightly woven teams in the case of Agile.

As you watch today’s Movieclips Monday, from 1964’s James Bond classic, Goldfinger, think about how prepared you are to recruit for today’s complex technology world. Will your next hire have the necessary swagger, bond with the rest of the team and know what they need to do (and which buttons NOT to press)?


You’ll also notice that in the beginning, Bond tells Bernard Lee, the actor playing “M” in Goldfinger, that he’d be surprised at the wear and tear that goes on out there in the field. This brings up another question: Do your new hires have experience in the field and/or do they understand what users really want?

Like finding a good James Bond, recruiting for some of today’s critical positions is tough. Make sure you have the resources, a well managed staffing supply chain and processes in place to ensure you get the right people. If you do, the results could be (in your best Sean Connery voice), smashing Moneypenny.

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