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Life Sciences Recruitment: Biotech Jobs Beyond The Pandemic

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Over recent years, every industry has felt the workforce’s evolution. And the most significant change we’re all still talking about (and, in some cases, still adjusting to) is the shift to remote work and hybrid work models.

The rapidly-expanding Life Sciences industry tells a similar tale. While many of today’s Life Sciences jobs require a physical presence, others can take on a more remote nature - especially Biotech roles within Data Science and Bioinformatics.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, some notable changes have taken place in Life Sciences remote recruitment. Here are the big ones you should know!



More remote Life Sciences job options have popped up across more locations. For example, the role of a Data Scientist and Bioinformatician is to wrangle and analyze large sets of messy data. But, what used to be done in a lab/office setting has now gone fully remote. Today, Biotech jobs across technical functions offer remote opportunities that can be done from the comfort of your own home. Many Life Sciences organizations now offer fully-remote opportunities. The only catch is, sometimes employers may expect you to work within their time zone. That means, if the company is based out of Arkansas (and you live in California), you may have to work CST business hours.

Some candidates are also able to earn higher salary ranges based on where they’re employed. Now that employees can work for companies in any location, some are able to earn more money. Today, you may find yourself earning a New York wage while living in Delaware. For Biotech roles, this could amount to a pretty significant salary bump.

Finally, candidates are enjoying more flexibility surrounding work-life balance. With remote work, you can build your own schedule. The benefits employees have seen since jobs went virtual are out of this world. Whether you’re a night owl, juggling the tedious tasks of parenting, working towards a certification or degree, or simply looking for more flexibility, it’s pretty clear that remote Biotech roles offer it all. 


Remote work has also opened the talent pool for companies that tend to have limited options. We’re looking at you, central states… And, while this is a benefit in many regards, it’s also a give/take. The candidate pool may have opened up, but companies have realized that it’s opened the floodgates for everyone. Hiring has become incredibly competitive, and candidates have more options than ever. Whether a candidate is looking for a high salary, a fully remote role, a great corporate culture, or a position with room to grow - chances are, they’ll find the perfect match.

Because of the increased competition, employers are digging into all kinds of Life Sciences recruitment trends to stay on top of their game. Many are getting more competitive with their salaries, benefits, and anything else that draws in more high-quality Biotech candidates. They’re also turning to experts in Life Sciences staffing to make sure they get the right candidates in the door and fast!


Another thing our teams have been seeing a lot lately is that higher education combined with proven ability fosters greater opportunities for candidates. Keeping your skills up to date is more important than ever for those seeking employment within the Biotech space.

What that means is that education makes a more significant difference today than ever before. It’s almost serving as a foundation for whether or not an employer can trust you to understand the role and run with it, especially in a remote setting. Life Sciences would rather see a Ph. D. with two years of experience than a Masters with eight years of experience.


For tech roles within the Life Sciences industry, it’s clear that remote work is here to stay. The added benefits to tech employees are endless for candidates and businesses alike. If you’re looking for your next breakthrough Biotech opportunity, look no further than Yoh’s job board.

Looking to kick off your Biotech career? We’ve outlined the in’s and out’s of 3 common Biopharmaceutical jobs within the Life Sciences industry - and we even included resume examples.

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