Jobs Near Me: Now Hiring in Phoenix, AZ

phoenix.jpgWhether you're actively searching for a job—or simply pondering the idea of making a career change—Phoenix is a great place to look. With a bustling economy, Phoenix is home to a variety of prominent tech and telecommunications companies

With the high demand of select sectors comes an abundance of opportunity. As such, our recruiters and staffing experts combed through the past 24 months of Careerbuilder's hiring data in Phoenix, highlighting the jobs and industries with the most growth potential; including local companies hiring now!


Top Jobs Hiring Now in Phoenix, AZ


Mechanical Engineer

National Average wage/salary: $78,547

Number of postings: 7,839

Top job poster: Honeywell International, Inc.

BLS Job growth outlook: 5% (As fast as average)


IT Project Manager

National Average wage/salary: $102,028

Number of postings: 14,667

Top job poster: Oracle Corporation

BLS Job growth outlook: 15% (Much faster than average)


Pharmacy Technician

National Average wage/salary: $14/hr

Number of postings: 7,977

Top job poster: CVS Health Corporation

BLS Job growth outlook: 9% (Faster than average)


Maintenance Technician

National Average wage/salary: $20/hr

Number of postings: 13,700

Top job poster: Dish Network, LLC

BLS Job growth outlook: 6% (As fast as average)


Information Security Analyst

National Average wage/salary: $91,729

Number of postings: 3,508

Top job poster: Wells Fargo & Company

BLS Job growth outlook: 18% (Much faster than average)


Software Developer

National Average wage/salary: $105,943

Number of postings: 28,066

Top job poster: American Express Company

BLS Job growth outlook: 17% (Much faster than average)


Financial Analyst

National Average wage/salary: $70,669

Number of postings: 13,828

Top job poster: Wells Fargo & Company

BLS Job growth outlook: 12% (Faster than average)



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