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Jobs Near Me: Now Hiring in Los Angeles, CA

MediaEntertainment.jpgWhen you think of Los Angeles, your mind probably goes right to the media and entertainment industry. But LA has so much more to offer outside of the Hollywood sign and the strip; including a booming jobs market in some unexpected industries. 

You might not associate Los Angeles with health services, biomedical and aerospace and defense, but the reality is that LA is a leader in several growth markets; and not just the "as seen on TV" kind. While leisure and hospitality rank number one in employment opportunities, as the data provided by Career Builder's Talent Supply & Demand Report demonstrate below, there are a number of other major industries. 


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Top Jobs Hiring Now in Los Angeles, CA

Check out these top jobs below, complete with localized San Diego salary data, because hey—it might just be time to upgrade your career.


Financial Analyst

Local average salary: $72,165

Number of postings: 48,279

Top job poster: Anthem, Inc.

BLS Job growth outlook: 12% (Faster than average)


Front-End Software Engineer

Local average salary: $107,668

Number of postings: 7,920

Top job poster: Apple

BLS Job growth outlook: 17% (Much faster than average)


Business Analyst

Local average salary: $76,914

Number of postings: 80,911

Top job poster: Anthem, Inc.

BLS Job growth outlook: 14% (Much faster than average)


Registered Nurse

Local average salary: $81,940

Number of postings: 186,273

Top job poster: Providence Health and Services

BLS Job growth outlook: 16% (Much faster than average)


Web Developer

Local average salary: $102,720

Number of postings: 48,112

Top job poster: Amazon

BLS Job growth outlook: 27% (Much faster than average)


Information Security Analyst

Local average salary: $92,864

Number of postings: 5,361

Top job poster: Oracle Corp.

BLS Job growth outlook: 18% (Much faster than average)


Network Engineer

Local average salary: $96,307

Number of postings: 54,462

Top job poster: AT&T Inc.

BLS Job growth outlook: 8% (As fast as average)





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