15 Super Creative but Meaningless Job Titles

man_in_hamster_wheel_yoh_blog.jpgFrom your perceived salary to your level of authority, your job title says more about you than you think. After looking at some of these ultra creative job titles, we're thinking some people have taken the liberty to upgrade their position. 

Director of First Impressions. Beverage Dissemination Officer. Digital Overlord. Is it just me, or have job titles gotten more outlandish as the Interweb grows deeper? Don't get me wrong, I appreciate a good Highway Environmental Hygienist (aka Road Sweeper) when I see one. But, if I need to Google your job title to figure out what you do there's a bigger issue at hand than ego. 

It's easy (and really fun!) to create a meaningless job title. The thing is it's pretty self serving. Having the wrong job titles could be as detrimental to the employee as it is to the employer. Here's why in three easy bullet points. 

  • When an employee leaves the company and the employer is looking for their replacement, they aren't likely to expand their search to include a Digital Overlord, but instead opt to hire a Website Manager. 
  • The same example above but flipped. As the employee, you continue to progress in your career. Your resume is a reflection of this growth. When you suddenly makes a turn for a Whoville-themed job title, this could negatively impact everything from your ability to be recruited to successfully negotiating a market rate salary; especially if Digital Overlords aren't making what they used to. 
  • Net, net. While they are super fun for these types of lists, creative, meaningless job titles that do not exude authority and clarity don't do much more than to create confusion and comedic relief. 


15 Super Creative but Meaningless Job Titles 

If you are comtemplating whether to upgrade your title with a less traditional one, consider this list of creative but meaningless job titles. If they scream take me seriously to you, then more power to you. 


Brand Evangelist 

This one is actually so overly used that it is easily understood -- and equally disregarded.


Wizard of Light Bulb Moments 


Reprographics Expert 

Reprography refers to practice of copying and reproducing documents. So a reprographics expert is someone who is an expert in making photocopies?


Customer Happiness Specialist 

Customer care rep -- you mean customer care rep, right?


Communications Executive 

Along the same lines as the customer care rep example, but the the communications executive has governance over all telecommunications activity. How about granting yourself the authority to secure a clearer line so we can actually hear your telemarketing pitch?  


Innovation Sherpa

Are you a diplomat of innovation? Or, renowned for your mountaineering skills? Apparently, you also embody the skills of a Director of Technology. 


Beverage Dissemination Officer

Now, don't get me wrong. I have great respect for those who tend bar, however to make the title Beverage Dissemination Officer work means you'd have to stop accepting my money after a certain hour.  


Worldwide Marine Asset Financial Analyst 

Come again? I read this is supposed to refer to an accountant but someone needs to explain this one to me!


Director of First Impressions

Here's the thing about a receptionist, I mean Director of First Impressions. Having personally sat in that seat, you truly impact a patron's first impression of the business. However, with great titles greater salaries should ensue. 


Information Advisor

Call me nostalgic but Information Advisor not give you the same warm and fuzzy feelings that Librarian does. 

Global Talent Supply 

Even we aren't safe from our own list. Staffing and recruiting is known for elaborate and verbose job titles and services. And this glorified version of a recruitment consultant is no exception to the rule. 


Field Nourishment Consultant

Same principle above apply to Field Nourishment Consultants; aka dining servers. 


Five a Day Collection Operative

Riddle me this. If this title refers to a fruit picker, do they only need to pick five pieces of produce to have a successful day? If so, sign me up!

Organizational Change Specialist 

I'm not 100% certain, but I think it's a person who fires other people. 


Wet Leisure Assistant 

Last but certainly not least is my favorite ultra creative but equally meaningless job title. Can you guess what a Wet Leisure Assistant does? Tell us in the comments section. 

Is there a job title you think we missed, drop us a note and let us know! 


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