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10 Trends to Help Clean Up your Job Search

Kitchen_Sink_.jpgWe all get into a rut from time to time; especially when it comes to finding a new job. Whether it’s been awhile since conducting your last job search or if you are currently looking but coming up empty-handed, it’s never a bad idea to hit the reset button.

Searching for a job is, well, a job in and of itself. And some job seekers are using the same strategies and tactics from 5, 10 and even 20 years ago. That’s like using a fax machine to send your resume. You aren’t doing that right?


The Top Job Trends of 2016

If your house plant is looking more promising than your job search, it’s time to give your job search techniques a little spring cleaning.

Big Data is Blooming  

Consider that employer-companies process virtually hundreds of gigabytes of human resource information to deliver the most personal approach to potential candidates. As such, they are promoting open positions across more digital sources than ever. Regularly troll mobile applications and target company’s social profiles to stay up to date on the latest available open jobs.

Look for posting patterns to see where the company is posting the most frequently, and check for variations in the job posting. This can allude to the fact that they haven’t found their perfect candidate.

Education versus Practical Skills

The era of obligatory diplomas and expensive colleges has almost passed, the focus is on the skilled workers. Let alone Steve Jobs, Sean Parker and other smart guys, there are hundreds of successful autodidacts, who have invested in their professional skills rather than formal education. The idea is simple - boost your hard skills, they are in trend.


Say “Yes” to Talent Communities!

Your activity in professional networks will say much more about your abilities and experience than an ambitious resume and certificates (however, it is not advice to throw them away).

The point is that professional communication will raise your profile and, perhaps status, as a promising candidate. Don’t get stuck at LinkedIn and highly specialized websites only - expand your influence to various platforms! Oh yes, and same goes for face-to-face networking.


Attend Job Fairs and Open Seminars

In the era of the Millennial workforce, personal interaction becomes more important than ever before. Personal meetings and professional workshops are the best way to find an interesting start-up partnership and stay updated with the industry changes. Moreover, such events are the perfect place for making perspective connections. According to a survey of SmashFly Technologies, companies get 28% of their best job candidates through referrals. So talking about your career goals among other professionals can help you to land a good job.


G stands for Globalization

Companies are cutthroat due to expanding their talent pool to fill skill gaps via international candidate searches. Thus, with communication technologies and modern transportation systems, the location of the workforce matters less, making freelance teams a new business reality. It leads to transborder collaboration and diversity.


Work Team Development

A diverse work team brings not only fun in the labor process, but also gives colleagues the opportunity to share their experiences, both professional and cultural.  According to a survey of CDI Corp, in 2016, companies will focus their attention on hiring a greater number of minorities and women in leadership roles, as well as increase the number of younger interns with an eye to training a new generation of loyal, but mobile, workers.


Build a Personal Brand

Personal branding and social responsibility become more important as never before. Expecting that head hunter would cave corporate values into your preferences is obviously a failing strategy. A company isn’t a given family, you are free to choose people you feel comfortable and interested in working with. However, why don’t you try to evolve and be better in order to fit the bill?


Present Yourself Across all Platforms

The demand for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) professionals grows and there is no better way to express yourself as a professional blog and/or training course, a book or other info-product. Don’t stick to the beaten resources, share your experience in video, podcasts, tweets, and infographics. Show who you are and what drives you - recruiters hunt for experienced professionals with motivation to learn and succeed. With such positioning, no doubt that you will be noticed.


Look Beyond

Companies often suggest more job opportunities than job seekers think. Recruiters say they are discouraged with candidates who are focused on the particular job and aren’t open to considering a slightly different (or even more promising positions!). Think about reconsidering your career views, professional skills and growth opportunities. Perhaps a position with slightly offset duties can help you look at your career from a different angle.


Don’t Hold Back

Recruiters do not look for someone to fill the positions; they look for talent, which allow companies to develop and be more productive. If you are an expert in your field or you have a fresh idea, don’t be shy. Offer a company that new position, project or a whole new direction. Same goes for your current occupation. Feeling not satisfied with duties, but enjoy the working environment? Ask for an internal move.  


As a job seeker, new technologies and search mechanisms have made it easier than ever to get yourself noticed by potential employers. At the same point, it’s a crowded space and to a degree, employers are just as overwhelmed as you are feeling. Be strategic, be realistic, and most importantly, be yourself.


About author:Joseph Sartori is a marketing specialist and a freelance writer focused on personal coaching, career development and online business development. Currently he works at as a consulting editor.

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