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It’s never too late to engage your employees

When I read the Wall Street Journal article Matt Rivera referenced earlier today, I instinctively honed in on another aspect of the story: People are finally recognizing or acknowledging the trend in lack of employee engagement and satisfaction. The question is, is it too late?

I would argue no. The grass isn't always greener on the other side. As unsatisfied as workers might be in their current positions with their current employer, there's no way of knowing if they'll end up in a worse spot by leaving.

In many cases, your employees don't necessarily want to leave. They're just looking for some reassurance and recognition.

Many people are looking for new jobs because they want leverage IF they decide to leave or ask for a raise (or to hedge against being the next to be let go). I just don't think that everyone who says they are looking is looking because they are unhappy. Although, I'm sure a fair number of them are.

They're most likely looking because everyone wants to know what is available and prepared for "if I'm next." They need to see what their real value is in the marketplace.

Everyone feels overworked and underpaid these days. To me, real engagement is about feeling the love and being valued. Show employees how important they are to your organization. Recognize the role they play now, before someone else (your competitor) does.

Here are a couple ideas:

  1. Acknowledge past mistakes your organization has made in regards to employee engagement. Show employees what you are doing to improve.

  2. Analyze and share with your employees what they need to do to be successful and grow, not just tread water. Throughout the recession and immediately following it, many employees were merely fighting to survive. Now, they want to get back to thriving. Show them how they can do that, and how you will help them in the process.

This post was written by Doug Lubin, a successful Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Practice Leader and Consultant, who brings over a decade of expertise building sustainable solutions for clients and partners.  Doug helps firms develop high performing talent acquisition and management strategies locally and globally.  Learn more about Doug.

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