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[Infographic] Workplace Privacy: How Secure Are You?

army.jpgOur world is constantly evolving. And with it, so are the regulations that govern us; particularly at work. Often these laws are slow to catch up with societal attitudes and trends. Case in point: the rules surrounding workplace privacy

One glaring example where the law was slow to catch up with our expectations are wages and working conditions. Our predecessors could never imagine the new confines that we have come to expect and enjoy. And, they certainly wouldn't imagine the next battle being waged: protecting how and what employers (digitally) monitor. 

Let's use current employment laws in the U.S as an example. Interviewers are not permitted by law to ask any questions about your nationality origin, your age, marital or pregnancy status and other personal details, such as your race, gender or any disabilities . But how often do you ask your company about its internet privacy policies? 

As this Infographic demonstrates, it seems that many of us are unaware or unsure as to how much privacy we are entitled to at work; including what personal information is truly kept private. When it comes to protecting yourself, do you really know who is watching? 


Knowing your privacy rights at work is important for your protection as well as to avoid a potential issue at some point down the road. Get to know the latest privacy laws, and know exactly what personal details you need to provide when asked and what data you are entitled to keep to yourself.


Robert is studying for a Behavioural Science degree and is a privacy advocate. He enjoys sharing his research and insights online to increase awareness for workers with privacy concerns. 

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