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We're starting to see more reports that U.S. employers are going to increase hiring in the coming months (or at least lift the hiring freezes instated last year). Canadian HR Reporter recently reported the results of a survey by TalentDrive: 44 percent of companies surveyed increased their hiring budget for 2010, and 50 percent plan to begin actively hiring in Q2 and Q3. The survey also found that employee engagement and retention programs are a priority in 2010, as employers become wary of competitors recruiting their top talent.

These themes have been pretty common lately, as we're reading more about employers getting creative with their incentive programs, and considering mixing up the composition of their workforce and shifting their recruiting goals. See for yourself:

The Wall Street Journal: Semiannual Bonuses Gain Traction. Businesses are continuing to search for and implement innovative ways to help retain talent. For example, a growing number of companies are adjusting their annual incentive structure, and switching to a semiannual bonus distribution program for executives.

Human Capital Institute: What do you mean by strategic recruiting anyway? The goals of recruiting have changed over the past year from a "hire as many as you can" model to a focus on the "quality of hire." This post emphasizes the importance of understanding your current and future workforce needs; aligning the goals of the business, HR, leadership, etc.; and collaborating to determine effective workforce and recruiting strategies.

Poynter Online: Wary Employers Hiring More Temporary Workers. This post is a compilation of quotes, themes, and statistics from other mainstream news articles exploring the increase in temporary hires. It seems to be a widely accepted notion that increases in temp hires are a leading indicator of an uptick in permanent hires.

The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur: 58 Ways to Boost Morale.The title says it all. Check out this post for new ways to motivate your employees and keep them fulfilled and satisfied.


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