In case you missed it: July 22

The temperature's been heating up here on the East Coast this week and with it, so has conversation around some new and not-so-new topics. Here are some of the stories we've been following the past couple of weeks:

  •  Google+. In three short weeks, the new social network has managed to capture 20 million users with the potential to add millions more as Google more strongly markets the new service. With such a large audience and privacy settings unmatched by any of the other players in this space, Google+ adds one more piece to the social media recruiting puzzle. As it is , 89 percent of employers are already recruiting on social networks or will be in the near future.

  • Long-term unemployment. The Great Recession continues to cast its gloomy effects on the American workforce, in particular with prolonged lay-offs and  long-term unemployment. The Labor Department reported that more than one-third of unemployed workers in seven states had been out of a job for at least a year in 2010. To compound the issue, the longer these workers remain jobless, the more difficult it will be to reenter the workforce, as employers will be looking to hire talent with more current skills and experience.

  • Mobile recruiting. With companies having such a hard time finding qualified talent, recruiters are looking to snatch up top candidates quickly, before the competition can. With the launch of a new mobile application, CareerBuilder is enabling employers to act on candidate applications from wherever they are.

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