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HR Tech – Shining a Light on Fad vs. Recruiting Necessity

Little_girl_with_balloon_in_sunFad or not a fad, that is the question. Ok, so maybe that’s not how the Shakespearian quote goes, but in the HR and Recruitment industry every new widget, gadget, social networking tool or ATS could just be the answer to all our problems – right?

Perhaps not, you don’t have to be in the HR and Recruitment industry to know that tech gadgets and gizmos come and go while others just flat line from the start: can we say QR Codes, the Facebook Phone, Xanga, or even the Apple Newton PDA? But that’s not to say that certain technology can’t be life altering (smart phones anyone?).

So how do businesses choose which new technologies and trends are essential to leverage in order to stay relevant in business versus those which become rabbit-holes sucking money and already thinly spreading resources? They attend popular events such as the HR Technology Conference and Exposition.

Kicking off next week at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, HR Tech and events like it have become popular for those industry professionals to sort through the noise of what tools and strategies may be relevant for their next business success. I’ll be the first to say that there is no single magic bullet or crystal ball that will dictate success; however, having access to so many vendor demonstrations, great conference sessions and the ability to network with end users truly is valuable to help shape one’s decision making process.

On my behalf, I’ll be visiting HR Tech both in the capacity of panelist and participant. I’ll be speaking as part of the Laws of Attraction - Exposing the Secrets to Success in Recruitment Marketing (Wednesday October 8th at 3:30pm – stop by!) panel which will focus on both the strategies and technologies that have driven innovative success for organizations like Yoh and those of my peers. What is the secret sauce for success in recruitment marketing or other HR functions for that matter? Well I won’t go so far as to steal the thunder from next week’s panel discussion, but the best way to start is by avoiding “shiny new object syndrome.” Ooo I must have…

How does one shed those rose colored glasses and objectively review the smorgasbord of “awesome new technologies for HR?” Simple. Start any consideration from the grounded perspective of seeking tools to solve specific business problems or for augmenting a particular process. Never mind that everyone is touting their success with cloud technology, the latest social collaboration tool or today’s technology du jour. What really matters are the business problems and goals that you are trying to surmount. If you’re implementing change for the sake of “keeping up with the Joneses” you are setting yourself up for mediocrity which is almost tantamount to failure.

Once you filter out the pundit’s proclamations of self-inflicted obsolescence since you haven’t yet received your early invite to Ello or haven’t converted to virtual interviewing, you can focus on finding true business technology partners and concentrate on the critical lynchpin of implementation and execution. This is where success is found. Almost ironic that technology’s success is dependent on the integral human element of execution – who says there’s no human in human resources and recruiting anymore?!

So now that you’ve got your eye on the prize (i.e. seeking out strategically aligned technologies that your organization can truly implement and adopt) you’re ready to hit the bright lights of Vegas and all the vendor booths at HR Tech without leaving your success up to a gambler’s chances. And if you’re not out in Sin City don’t fear I’ll be posting more insights on HR/Recruitment technology trends and buying considerations after HR Tech next week! Ciao for now!


This blog was written by Cindy Lombardo. With nine years of experience in the staffing industry having worked in the capacities of recruitment, project management, training and marketing, Cindy currently focuses on developing and implementing digital strategies that target and attract talent across all industry sectors for both national and international employment opportunities. She is passionate about following emerging applicant trends as well as educating others about both the growing talent deficit and strategies that can drive better recruitment efficiencies and return on investment. When she’s not working on candidate marketing strategies, Cindy spends her time outside of work running a non-profit opera company, practicing judo and playing with her crazy dog Scruffy.

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