Employee surveys can help you keep your best

Employee retention has more to do with employees feeling valued and offered advancement opportunities than from a lack of perks. Negativity on the job, dissatisfaction with working conditions, and a hostile work culture can all be causes of high employee turnover. So how do you know what your employees are really thinking? Are they satisfied with the daily operations of the company? Does management truly listen to employee suggestions and act upon them? These are all questions that can be answered through employee surveys.  Following are some of the crucial topics that can be addressed through the use of employee surveys.

  • Employee Satisfaction: Questions that address this issue can measure the percentage of employees that are happy in their current position. Oftentimes employees do not feel comfortable telling management straight out if they are dissatisfied with where they stand in the company. This can be a great way to address the issue of employees who do not feel their current position offers the challenges and benefits necessary for growth and advancement.

  • Identifying Changes in Industry Trends: Employees hear about new ideas and industry products from each other and their acquaintances. They can be the first to alert you to what future employees desire from a perspective company culture. This information will help your company keep up with what employees are looking for and have the reputation of a company that reacts to and changes with the times.

  • Alert You to Changes in Company Morale: You might think the morale of your employees is sky high, but in reality, it could be tanking to a dangerous all- time low. By asking questions through surveys that address current perceptions of company morale, you can benefit from taking early measures to implement changes in the structure or policies of your corporation.

  • Making Sure Your Company Offers What Employees Need: Finding out if management is flexible with schedules when necessary; determining if the daycare offered through your company is being utilized efficiently; or simply asking an open-ended question asking for input on what services your employees are looking for can all help you determine the satisfaction level of your employees and measure the effectiveness of those you currently offer.

  • Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Human Resources and Management: The goal of the Human Resources department is to be an advocate for your employees. If employees view HR as ineffective, they won’t feel as if they have a place to turn when management issues arise. Management and HR responses to problems raised by employees should be evaluated through surveys, as employees may need the sense of anonymity to be able to speak freely on the subject.

Employee retention is an area where attention should be focused to minimize lost productivity and maximize the investment made in your employees. Surveys are an easy, cost-effective way to gauge how your employees view your policies, procedures, and management. While seeking out ways to draw the best and freshest employees on the market, keep in mind that many in your company have the training, knowledge, and skills you are seeking from outside candidates.

This post was written by Buffie Edick. Buffie is a freelance writer who often contributes articles for small business, legal, and human resource websites. She has 15 years’ experience in retail management and is currently pursuing a degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. She is a contributor for

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