Content Marketing Strategy for Mobile Apps

Business people working as a team at the officeHave you been looking forward to answers for creating the mobile app and then getting people interested in your product or services? If yes, it's worth choosing the right content marketing strategy that turns out to be very effective for app marketing.

Content marketing is 26 percent of the total marketing budget, and 91% of B2B marketers use content marketing, while 60% of marketers create at least one content per day. The recent revelations are that 72% of marketers consider content marketing improves engagement.

Following the best practices of content marketing for mobile apps is extremely impactful because it will draw the viewers' attention. In this blog, you will better come to know the stepwise content marketing strategy intended for mobile apps.


Step 1: Setting the clear goal

A precise guide to marketing your mobile app suggests that without a clear plan, it is never easy to get the viewers' attention. For drawing the impactful approach for marketing your app and accomplishing the business goals, you will have to stay strategic and relate to the specific KPIs.

If the business goal is brand awareness, you will have to focus on the top SEO keywords for helping the potential users find the app and learn about the value.

If the business goal is to precisely enhance the user's attention and upsell to the current users, you will have to consider highlighting the products and the services with the new features. Also, mention the practical how-to guides or consider creating the contest and plan a giveaway for the current users.


Step 2: Formulating the different content for the different customers

All the customers you are having right now for your brand do not possess the same interest and nurturing as earlier. Always pay attention to the target niche and long-tail keywords directly related to the buyer personas and their interests.

At every stage of the user journey, there are different resources that can help discover the app for its successful downloads. For example, you can consider a travel app highlighting the video showing efficient packing tips for appealing to a wider audience.  

The role of a mobile app development company is to build apps, and a business professional has to apply content marketing strategies that will help in learning about the app or the business.

It will also be effective to prepare business guides, eBooks, or white papers with insider tips and business recommendations. Overall it will be building impactful content for creating an interest among the end customers or B2B clients to take the services through your mobile app.


Step 3: Implementation of smart SEO techniques

Remember that the internet is an immense place where plenty of websites and apps are competing against each other for getting a high rank.

So, whenever it comes to developing the content strategy for mobile applications, always pay attention to target the keywords with the competitors in mind.

But, when it comes to taking assistance from the app developer, always pay attention to incorporating the voice search keywords into the SEO strategy.

The optimization of the voice search is completely dependent on developing the content around Google's new algorithms, customer queries, and questions. Some of the questions can be mentioned in the FAQ section, while others in the Q&A format. 

SEO Strategies can drive a 14.6 percent conversion rate, so you need to pay attention to utilizing both the global keywords and local keywords by checking their competitiveness. The key is that optimizing the mobile content strategy isn't an option but is a basic necessity.


Step 4: Start sharing entertaining content

For content marketing of your app and connecting with humans, you will always consider yourself as an entertainer. You need to consider implementing the funny, surprising, and entertaining catchy lines in content marketing that will build the overall interaction through your content. 

Around 91% of B2B marketers involve content marketing to reach more customers. You can also increase the potential of the content by encouraging social share and repeated visits.

So what can be implemented for that? You can consider implementing surveys, games, think quizzes, calculations, and interactive graphics.


Step 5: Considering podcast

These days, people are very much interested in podcasts, as it covers trending topics, and the audience can consider trusting your brand.

It is an effective approach that is inexpensive and helps in establishing the brand with authority. With a series of podcasts, you can also reach out to new audiences and expand your awareness regarding your mobile app.


Step 6: Giving the audience the voice

Always ensure that you are utilizing the user-generated content that will be adding interest and authenticity to the content.

Develop a relationship every time when the visitor comes close to your brand. But also make sure about implementing the powerful social proof to get the prospective users and offer them the required voice.


Step 7: Promotion

Everyone considers the installation ads. Always make sure about saving some of the dollars for the promotion with the articles, videos, and Infographics that will inform the readers regarding the product before driving them to the app store.

Once they are acquainted with the app, it will give them the solution to the problems, and they will be willing to download and try it.


Step 8: Measurement of the success

Find and analyze whether the mobile users are finding your content through search or not. Content marketing metrics to gauge success include SERP rankings, number of high-quality backlinks, time spent on a page, social shares, page views per session, and conversion rates. Also, pay special attention to the keywords with high commercial intent.


Best practices in the content marketing field

For the mobile app, you will always be required to determine the content marketing strategies.

  • You will have to always consider taking the content marketing strategy for apps to be valuable for your target audience.
  • Articles must be informative but also amusing so that it doesn't create boredom among users. Make sure about creating the step–by–step guides. Besides, add pictures or videos. Such interesting content will allow people to come back and read your content.
  • Test every step and check the value of the content marketing approach according to the results.
  • Pay equal attention to the defined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). It gets you the explicit idea regarding the Return of Investment (ROI).


How to grow your mobile app awareness through content marketing strategies? 

Finding channels suitable for your domain is the key to effective content marketing goals. Discover blogs, forums, or social sites that users prefer.

Join those communities and go ahead with posting valuable comments for their articles. With that, you can get the steady option for the promotion of your content and app. 


Key Takeaways

Several questions arise regarding content marketing strategies for mobile apps. So hire a mobile app development specialist to be on the right track. Figuring out how you can help the viewers through your app content can guarantee good results.

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About the Author: Kosha Shah is a digital strategist at Technostacks Infotech Which is a top web, software, and mobile app development company in India, USA and UK. She writes engaging blog topics for trends, mobile, and industry software news.

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