Boomerang Employees on the Rise

Boomerang-woman-594978-edited.jpgWhat was once taboo is now a growing recruiting trend sweeping the industry. Learn why companies are flocking after employees who quit and then come back to work for the organization. 

Boomerang employees, also known as comeback kids, are employees that leave an organization, without burning bridges, only to make a triumphant return back to that same former employer only later. 

In a study done by Kronos and Workplace Trends, more than 1,800 HR professionals, managers and employees were surveyed. The results revealed nearly 76% of managers said they’re more accepting of hiring former employees than they were previously. Similarly, employees report being less anxious about returning to a former place of work.


Why People are Excited about Re-Hiring Boomerang Employees

Why exactly are boomerang employees on the rise? Though the reasons can vary why employees leave in the first place—from taking a break, family, school, etc.—still one of the best ways current job seekers can develop career growth is by seeking different opportunities with outside organizations. But, thanks to social media, it’s easier than ever for employers to keep track and in touch with former employees; thus, opening the doors for them to come back. In short, there has been a shift in attitude and employers are now seeing more long-term benefits with returning employees.

Surprisingly, the benefits of rehiring past employees can provide invaluable insight into your organization’s recruiting and onboarding processes. While a bit unconventional, consider the following when hiring your next boomerang employee.


HR & Recruiting Advantages

How can boomerang employees help HR and their services? First, it adds less stress and cost to the overall hiring and onboarding process. For instance, David Almeda of Kronos’ explains,


“Boomerang hiring makes perfect sense to me...In truth, landing a job these days is not all that different as it used to be. Employers hire people they know, or people they know know. Simply put, it’s less risky for them and it’s all about rolling the risk. What’s the attraction for employers and employees alike? For you, as an employee, it’s knowing what you’re getting into, so it removes the fear of the unknown, plus for both you and the employer, it’s an easier training ramp up rather than if you’re a brand new employee. And on some level, the employer, too, has less worries if you already pass muster the first go-round.”


It’s much easier and less expensive for an organization to bring back a former employee who is already familiar with an organizations’ systems, such as HR software and company conduct.

In addition, having employees coming back speaks volumes for your recruiting and retention efforts. It shows the outsiders how valuable your organization is to an employee who has experienced work with other companies, yet made the choice to apply back to a former organization. Sharing this recruiting of boomerang employees through social media or company newsletters can create great PR for your organization. What’s more important, is that through this rehiring, loyalty between the employee and employer has increased.


Clue In on Workplace Culture

Additionally, boomerang employees can positively affect workplace cultures because they used to be a part of it. They know how the company functions and will take less time than new employees to start contributing. One way they can positively contribute is by sharing the skills they’ve developed outside of the organization with other workers. In turn, they can boost a collaborative culture by becoming a reliable resource for other employees to go to within the company.

Lastly, boomerang employees can help increase overall engagement. Think about it: they’re obviously excited to be back with a familiar organization and old friends and as such, more motivated in their work. They can become prime examples of what engagement should look like to other coworkers. As an organization, take advantage of this positive work attitude and see how boomerang employees can contribute to your engagement initiatives and activities.

As the war for top talent rages on in the business environment, boomerang employees can positively influence vast areas of your organization as well as motivate and influence your current talent to produce great work. 


About the Author: Malcolm Rowlings is a freelance writer who focuses on finances and best business practices. His years of experience in the field have given him a well versed understanding of the business world. You can connect with him on Twitter @malcolmrowlings.

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