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Back to Work: Staffing Trends- Reviewing 2022 & Forecasting 2023

GettyImages-1379422330Talent management is changing. In today's dynamic world, employees are seeking places of employment that foster a supportive work environment. Our Back to Work podcast series cataloged the significant staffing trends in 2022. These crucial trends included talent resilience, building teams in the new normal, mental health in the workplace, and DE&I efforts. As organizations navigate an uncertain future, they are now compelled to look at talent holistically to attract and retain quality candidates. Let's review the defining staffing trends from this year together and look ahead to forecast the staffing trends for next year.

In this episode of our Back to Work podcast series, guest Matt Rivera, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Yoh, and host Joe McIntyre, recap 2022 staffing trends and predict what lies ahead in 2023.


Review of Staffing Trends in 2022 and a Forecast of What is to Come in 2023


Emphasizing Value-Based Recruiting

Value-Based Recruiting is the process of attracting talent on the basis that the company's values and perspectives align with its own. Candidates are becoming more conscious of where corporations stand on important issues. If you need to catch up in the race for top talent, reevaluating your core company values can be used as a selling point to recruit the best of the best.

Ensure your company's value proposition is honest. The importance of remaining transparent about the good and the bad in the hiring process must be recognized, especially in retaining talent. Often candidates are given the red-carpet experience in the interview process and are exposed to harsh realities in the onboarding process. It is leading to a cyclical hiring process to fill the same position. This is a waste of time and resources for hiring managers.



Prioritizing Mental Health in the Workplace

Mental health in the workplace is a trending topic, and rightfully so. Ensuring your staff are mentally well is directly correlated to work effectiveness. Employers should be making a concerted effort to inquire about their colleague's mental health rather than focusing solely on the work material. Simply asking, 'How are you?' can go a long way in facilitating honest discussions.

Developing successful mental health initiatives in the workplace is a challenging feat. Allowing leaders time to develop a supportive work environment is essential. Leaders can start by creating a workplace that welcomes honest discussion and encourages a healthy work-life balance. This can be achieved through employee resource groups and remote working environments. Leaders can then build on the positive momentum to contract professional resources. Offering digital counseling is a viable option. There are different avenues to pursue to promote mental health. Knowing what is suitable for your team starts with communication.


Promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiatives

Diversity is a business imperative. Companies that recognize this and prioritize it will be more successful in the coming years.

Be sure to include diverse candidates in all stages of the recruitment process so that you can find the best fit for your company culture. Ensure diverse workers are seen and heard when making important decisions rather than just present in the discussion. To create equitable decisions devoid of bias, ensure your employees feel comfortable speaking up when they observe discrimination or emotional hardship. Lastly, making a conscious effort to eliminate implicit bias in hiring is important to create an authentic DE&I strategy.


Looking Towards 2023

The hiring landscape is shifting as we enter a period of uncertainty. As uncertainty looms in the future, companies are forced to reevaluate. This marks a critical inflection point for companies approaching talent acquisition. There has been much hoopla about an impending recession and slowed hiring. Creating a coordinated hiring strategy is more critical now than ever to overcome general uncertainty. Start building your hiring strategy now before it is too late!

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