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All Muggles Can Become Wizards With The Right Job Search Strategy

iStock_69913919_XXXLARGE.jpgHas it occured to you that those who managed to find the perfect job for themselves are wizards? After half a year of writing emails, sending out your resume and going to hundreds of interviews you can conclude that finding any job is a miracle. Forget finding a dream job. That is magic.

How do people do that?

After eight months of searching for a job, I wanted to give up. I was a college graduate with a diploma nobody cared about, several thousand dollars of debt and no chance, it seemed, of finding a job.

Nobody wants me - this is what I thought. Then, I started asking my friends if they managed to find a good job and I discovered I wasn’t the only one still on the hunt.


Why can’t millennials find employment?

Millennials can’t find employment because they have no experience. 

Imagine yourself as an employer who is offered to buy a jigsaw puzzle (i.e., a fresh college graduate who knows nothing about the job). You think, wouldn’t it be easier for you to buy a picture instead? It’s already finished, and you can hang it on the wall right away. Easy choice, right?

But, what employers forget is that while maybe sorting out a jigsaw puzzle takes a few weeks to work through, when it’s done - the picture is much more impressive than the one they want to buy. So...


How do you convince an employer to invest in you?

Well, writing a resume, sending it out and attending an interview might not be enough to find employment. You also need to do some magic of your own.

Remember, nobody wants to employ a muggle (from the Harry Potter series, a muggle is a person who lacks any sort of magical ability and was not born in a magical family). Conversely, everyone wants a wizard on their team. So, it’s your skills that matter, not your diploma. SKILLS. And your skills you need to sell.

Today I’d like to share with you three strategies to use in your job search to find employment.


Three Strategies to Use in Your job Search


1. Show your employer what you can do.

Think, what is the possibility of you buying a bottle of wine if I assure you it’s tasty? Not a big one, right? But, what if I open it and give you a sip? The chances are better now, aren’t they?

By the same token, if you’re trying to get a writing job, write a sample article and send it together with your resume. If you want to work as a graphic designer, create a sample brochure for the target company. Show your creativity!

Remember, nobody wants to buy a pig in a poke. You have better chances of being employed if you present your skills. Also, this way you stand out. Think, will the employer better remember the person who said he or she would be a great sales manager or the one who made a promotional video for their company?


2. Don’t underestimate your hobby.

Let’s say you adore yoga. You attend interviews in a couple of fitness studios, conduct a few classes and yet, nobody wants you. Frustrating, isn’t it? What if you give up on searching for employment in other people’s studios and get your own fitness studio instead?

The question is, can you really turn your hobby into a business and is it worth a try? Yes you can, and yes it is.

If you’re skillful, it’s not so difficult to change your hobby into a job. What you need in the beginning is a good plan, eye-catching marketing, and your own website. Remember, if there’s a will, there’s a way!

Don’t just dream. Instead, take the matters into your own hands and make your dream a reality.


3: Do some networking.

Imagine such a situation. Jenny is a college graduate who is searching for a job. However, nobody knows that except for her parents. She sent her resume to several companies and received no replies. One day, she watches this video:



Now inspired, Jenny does some networking. She informs everybody on her facebook that she’s searching for a job. Soon her uncle (whom she forgot she added as a Facebook friend) answers her that there’s a vacancy in his company, arranges a meeting for her and within two weeks, Jenny has a job.

Remember, sometimes it’s enough to be honest and to ask for help. There is always a chance that one of your friends will respond. You need to speak about your problem out loud. That’s all.

So, start networking right away!


Wrapping it Up 

As you can see, there are many strategies you can use to maximize your chances of finding and getting a job. Remember these 3:

  • Show your skills
  • Use your hobby
  • Do some networking

And never give up! Only those who fight till the end succeed. There is no medal for those who quit the game. So hold out and keep searching.

I believe in you.




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