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Six Qualities to Look For When You are Hiring a Digital Marketer

GettyImages-697390034Social media occupies a copious place in today’s lives. People go online every few minutes to check what their friends are up to in their social media handles. Because of this, digital marketing jobs are soaring in popularity right now. 

As social media continues to grow and evolve,  companies are doing things like reaching out to social media influencers to bring awareness about their products. They send PR packages to the influencers before the official launch of their products so that the influencers can create content and graphics around them in a tailor-made marketing post. The brands are now privy of the social media importance, and the social media influencers are acting as intermediaries between the brand and their potential customers to influence their purchase decisions.

Brand influencer programs are a good example of strategic digital marketing. It involves a lot of brainstorming and strategizing before finally landing on a successful marketing campaign. However, it takes a competent team to chalk out a good marketing strategy,  and hence the brands deem this as an imperative to hire trained social media marketers with razor-sharp vision. You may not be alien to terms like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Email Campaigning, and Online Positioning. All this falls under the radar of digital marketing today.

If you are looking to hire a Digital Marketer to build your brand and attract potential customers, you must look for some fundamental traits in them to ascertain their qualities. Below are a few qualities that the digital marketer should possess to mark their territory in the competitive marketplace.


What are the sole responsibilities of a digital marketer?


If any business-savvy person hires a Digital Marketer, they will have to find out that the person has commendable creative properties and a vision. Digital Marketers are responsible for developing strategies, implementing them, and drive productive results. They play a pivotal role in creating brand awareness and garnering website traffic through various means.

A Digital Marketer is expected to be well versed in newly launched digital technologies and in using the cutting-edge web analytics tools to optimize the website content better. They will also have to show acumen in email marketing, social media, display, and search marketing.

Digital marketing is goal-driven. Hence, the Digital Marketer is responsible for alluring the relevant customers with their impeccable marketing skills. A brand can only thrive by building trust among the customers,  and Digital Marketers are the ones to take care of that.


Six qualities to look for in a digital marketer 

If you are looking to hire a Digital Marketer, carefully weighing the advantages and disadvantages of the same is highly advisable. Not every Digital Marketer is a good fit for every position, so you must put a lot of thought into deciding what a good Digital Marketer looks like for your organization. Here are six common qualities to look for in a successful Digital Marketer. 


their specialization

Digital Marketers must have in-depth knowledge of the nature of work. Hiring a person without the right experience will adversely affect your brand. Worse, you might have to train them on your own expenses. A expert with SEO experience and analytical skills are required to carry out mightier tasks that the writers with some SEO knowledge. 


A Passion for Learning 

Change is the only constant in the Digital marketing world. A new strategy is being introduced every alternative day. You will only get the bang of your buck if the Digital Marketer adapts to the changing dimensions of this confounding world and helps raise your brand awareness. The only key to success is to remain passionately curious forever, and your Digital Marketers ought to have this quality.


Effective Communication Skills 

Digital Marketers are expected to work with a band of stakeholders to get the job done. The stakeholders can range from company leadership to freelancers. Further, they might have to establish a commercial association with subcontractors often. All things considered, Digital Marketers need to have good communication skills. In addition, having gleaming people skills will help them expand their brand outreach in the time to come.


Effective Time Management 

One compelling quality that you must look for in a digital marketer before hiring them is their time management skills. They have to make the most of the day and ensure increased productivity. Digital marketing is bound by time, and someone who doesn’t know how to manage time fails.


Strategic Thinking 

It needs a lot of strategizing to understand the thinking process of the customers and shape the marketing campaign accordingly. They will need to be extremely intuitive and fearsome in their approach. A digital marketer who falls in the trap of day to day execution ends up compromising on their creative skills. You will need to ensure that they come up with fresh ideas and execute them strategically for the best interest of the brand.



There is no room for lenience amid this cut-throat competition.  A digital marketer should always run high on energy and wakes up to productive ideas always. Having a motivated employee will help you hit all the marketing goals in the determined period. They should infuse others with energy too to move faster and make the campaign a huge success.


Digital marketing changes at a lightning pace.  With ever-changing search engine algorithms and various marketing strategies change,  not hiring the right marketer will lead your purpose astray. Wrap your head around the qualities mentioned above before you hire a digital marketer for faster growth.



Author Bio: Manish Kumar is a digital marketer by profession and an avid blogger in free time. Currently he works with a digital marketing agency Tangensys. 

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