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4 Ways to Create a Social Media Profile That Gets Your Hired

finger_tablet_CS_2.jpgSocial media has superseded its initial intended use as a communications tool and morphed into a way of living. People are now spending a lot of time on posting to and enhancing their social profiles, but how often do we referee our own social media pages?

It’s important to note that social media sites are most commonly used because they can integrate a wide area of needs. Most fields of activity are also evolving along with the technology breakthroughs that happen on a consistent basis; including recruiting. Nowadays, recruiting is done differently compared to 10 years ago. In the present moment, employers are using social media recruiting to find and research their potential employees.

More than that, many people have started to adopt a common perspective which indicates that social media represents one’s “online resume” and should be treated accordingly. I feel obliged to acknowledge this strategy as one of the best ways to ensure better professional results over the long term.

The Price of a Poor Social Media Profile

Over time, statistics show that a bad social media presence can impact your career significantly. Here are some of the most common mistakes that stop employers from taking you into consideration for the job post:

  • Provocative or inappropriate photographs, 46%
  • Information about a candidate drinking or using drugs, 40%
  • Candidate bad-mouthed previous company or fellow employee, 34%
  • Poor communication skills, 30%
  • Discriminatory comments related to race, religion, gender, etc., 29%

Let's address the different ways in which you can make your social media networks a place where employers arrive and instantly become impressed with your personality. If you care to change your image for good, you need to start implementing these tips and watch where they take you. Without further ado, let’s get straight to them:


1. Share Valuable and Niche Relevant Information

When a recruiter finds your social media profile, he/she won’t hesitate to scroll through your information until discovering something discouraging. However, employees that are prepared for this understand that giving the employer more relevant things to look at is a great way of capturing their attention.

For example, if you’re a web designer looking for a position at a specific web design company, you’re likely to impress the recruiter by displaying a lot of interest towards your field of activity.

You can post samples of your previous work, you can share news as it relates to web design, and you can share your opinion on different matters related to your field. That’s something a passionate employee does, and you’re likely to emphasize it through your social networks.


2. Be Careful with What Personal Stuff and Inappropriate Content You Distribute

Posting inappropriate content like posts, images, pictures, or distributions of other links will produce a lot of damage. Marc Jason, HR manager and lead recruiter suggests, "If your Facebook profile picture is inappropriate, you’ll never start off on the right foot. The first impression really matters, and employers love to get that impression by taking a quick peek at their applicant’s social profiles.”


3. Create a Personal Brand Around Your Name

One of the best ways to improve your social media for the recruiters is to slowly develop your name into a personal brand. What does that mean? Well, first of all, you’re no longer an employee. You are now a client that’s looking to collaborate with another client.

Now, this is something that takes courage to do. By actively promoting your personal brand’s image, you’ll transform into an “expert” identity whose word and opinions are well taken into consideration. If you position yourself as an expert in the field, you’re likely to land incredible jobs and incredible clients.


4. Be Consistent

Consistency is key to success. If you’re expecting to write a few posts, share a few things, and delete the personal images of your profile and be done with the job, you’re expecting everything wrong. Every company is looking for individuals that can improve the stability and the consistency of the firm.

Now, if you look like someone who’s being consistent with his passion and work, you’re going to stand a better chance of capturing more attention compared to your competitors. Consistency is key to greatness – don’t forget that, and don’t forget to actually apply this powerful truth.


By improving your social media presence, you’re making sure that you’re staying in front of your competition. Employers love individuals that are dedicated to their personal brand. Why? Because it's clear proof that the person who wants to join the company is a dedicated professional who strives to develop themself. Remember – your social media image matters!


About the Author: Olivia is a journalist who always tries to see the bright side of things. She likes to inspire people in her writings and enjoy a mysterious beauty of twilight. Connect with her on Twitter

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