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4 Signs of Dependable Managed Staffing Providers

bulleyes-man-in-suit-Yoh_Blog.jpgYou depend on your managed staffing provider to reduce the associated risk and cost of your organization's contingent workforce program. And when the stakes are this high, knowing exactly what to look for in a provider is critical to successfully outsourcing contingent labor management. 

Many companies have discovered the benefits of outsourcing the management of their contingent labor processes to managed staffing providers, also known as Managed Service Providers (MSP). For companies embarking on a managed staffing program, there is the task of creating the business case for change and understanding the short- and long-term goals of the program. 

After establishing the business case to expand upon the program objectives, milestones and projected timelines, it would seem only fitting to begin sourcing providers. Instinctively you might research the top managed staffing providers in your industry, but often organizations fail to consider how the new or forecasted needs of the business align with the provider's capabilities.


The 4 Signs of a Dependable Managed Staffing Provider

For enterprise-level organizations with hundreds or even thousands of contingent workers, you need to be certain you've selected the provider that not only satisfies your organizational needs, but also complements the way your company operates. After all, your new or future provider will need to act as a trusted partner and adviser for the next one, two and three years. 

With this in mind, we've created the following SlideShare:

The Four (4) C's of Getting the Most from Your Managed Staffing Program & MSP Partner

Contracting an MSP to run your managed staffing program may still be one of the best ways to cost effectively manage contingent labor, however cost savings alone is a short-sighted goal.
Use the SlideShare as a jumping off point to better assess what you and your team must consider when buying into the idea of MSP Program. Ultimately, having some difficult conversations upfront could save you time and money while helping to narrow down what is most pertinent to your upcoming MSP program.

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