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4 Benefits of Outsourcing Data Analytics and Integration Talent for Your Lab

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It’s widespread news that today, Informatics, Data Management, and Data Analytics are some of the most critical skill sets driving positive impact for public health research and decision-making in the Life Sciences industry.

Across clinical health settings and labs, Biostatisticians, Bioinformaticians, and Clinical Data Managers utilize niche skills that merge science and technology to improve public health worldwide. More than ever, they’re playing a critical role in transforming the lives of people with serious diseases, their families, and society. And because of the high level of technical experience required of them, more and more organizations are turning to third-party agencies to ensure their lab is supplied with the right talent to fit the bill.

It takes knowledge and specialized recruiting when hiring in life sciences, especially when finding talent to work on the next breakthrough drug or gene therapy. So, what are the benefits of turning to a knowledgeable Life Sciences expert to move your lab forward?


1. Finding the right professionals for your lab.

Data Analytics and Integration talent possess a multitude of technical skills that Life Sciences recruiters should be aware of. That’s why leaving the recruiting process up to a highly knowledgeable third-party agency is a great way to match highly qualified individuals with your team – and fast!

Consider the role of a Bioinformatician. This person’s knowledge base ranges from molecular biology to genetics to cancer biology and more. Candidates often bring knowledge of high-throughput sequencing, next-generation sequencing, and computational genomics to their roles. In the lab, they’re responsible for data processing, visualization, integration, and mining. Most have a Master’s Degree and experience in numerous scientific disciplines (Computer Science, Genomics, Biostatistics, or Bioinformatics). With all of those requirements, you want to be 100% certain you’re finding the right people for your lab.

2. Innovators to help you find the next breakthrough.

With great talent comes great innovation. That’s why the perfect match of highly skilled professionals to your lab and mission can foster meteoric growth and innovation within your organization.

It takes trained and focused Life Sciences recruiters to sift through the immense talent pool and identify those with proven track records of proactivity and innovation. More importantly, the competitive advantage gained from the right mix of skillsets and team players is undeniably the most crucial component for a growth-oriented company. You don’t want to get left in the dust!

3. Top Data Analytics and Integration talent - at the right time!

Sometimes, scientific projects involve solving some of the most complex and challenging problems in the Life Sciences space. In a clinical health setting, projects can be very timely, which means your team will need highly skilled Bioinformaticians, Biostatisticians, and Clinical Data Managers to turn it around quickly! But, how do you source, interview, vet, and hire someone quickly when the work must go on?

Third-party Life Sciences staffing partners are equipped with talent at the ready to start when you need them the most. Whether it’s short or long-term, project or solution, contract or right-to-hire, the flexibility is fantastic for labs churning out breakthrough, innovative solutions.

4. Recruiters who know the space.

Throughout this blog, I’ve been stressing why it’s critical to partner with a knowledgeable third-party agency. But more importantly, you’ll want to work with recruiters who know the space inside-out. Real-world lab experience gives Life Sciences recruiters the upper hand to find your next proactive lab manager, meticulous technician, or innovative scientist that will drive strategic growth.

Whether you’re in a research and development phase or entering clinical trials, you need trusted experts in the Scientific, R&D, Clinical, and Pharmaceutical areas at your side to do it right.

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