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Leave the monsters in the closet

I’m back. I’m back to simple, genuine, tried and true principles. They seem to get lost every now and then. They get buried by the self-created Monsters we tend to allow creep out during our hunger to do better, do more, do something innovative and new.

Recently I was part of a Yoh RPO Leadership meeting. It was quite powerful. Each of my peers delivered an amazing presentation of their accounts and what is working and what is not working. Despite industry differences, culture, account tenure, or program set-up, all of us shared commonality around strengths and opportunities.

Our new VP for Yoh RPO, Andy Roane, spoke about grounded principles. I had many “ah ha” moments and recall saying to myself, “yep, I remember that”. Andy shared his vision, which I will highlight in a bit. But let me clarify, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invent or refine a process. Don’t lose sight of “Betterment” but stay connected to the foundations, the structure, that makes us successful as both a trusted partner and an RPO provider of service. Don’t let those Monsters take over and distract you. Stick to what works and makes the greatest impact.

  1. Make your Talent Teams Better – stretch, set goals, develop, train – whatever it takes, make your team stronger and better than they are today
  2. Tell Your Story – how can we celebrate our successes and be less modest/humble
  3. Build Partnerships & Relationships – honest, genuine partnerships developed out of trust and confidence in Yoh’s delivery.
  4. Rely on your Data – Know your data, use your data – data is King – it makes things happen.
  5. Drive the account – We (Yoh) are the Talent Experts. Get behind the wheel and get to the next stop (your goal).

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to walk away from our meeting feeling re-connected. I’m only allowing the Monsters to come out at Halloween!

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