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Walt Disney said, “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” We all know the Aviation, Aerospace and Defense industries are full of big dreamers who push the limits of mankind and create tools to protect us and keep us moving upward and onward.

You’re in the unique position to discover both the dreamers and the doers. Piece of cake, right? How do you find the right talent in this competitive and accelerated day and age? You might as well open a new branch of the government. Zing!

Thankfully, here at Yoh we created our own branches dedicated to Aviation and Defense, staffed with experienced recruiters to help guide you to a safe landing with qualified and screened talent to keep you (and your dreams) moving forward. So, while you’re on our page, look around, learn, and dream with us. But have the courage to take the next step… and contact us to find out how to get the best Aviation and Defense talent available.

Aviation & Defense
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Bernard Ikegwuoha
Flammability Engineer
Seattle, WA

I don’t believe anyone gets into the contracting business for the long haul, it’s a door that leads to a house and that door is meant to be opened. Contracting has helped me sample my current career choice to decipher if this direction is viable and the most opportune for me, and I’m grateful for it. I definitely am enthused to continue within the aerospace industry especially in my current career path and capacity. I’ve even made a commitment to go back and add an engineering degree to my chemistry degree in order to facilitate this career move. 

Yoh and my recruiter assisted and facilitated this job opportunity, because they believed in my skill sets, knowledge and work ethic, and I’m happy to say that, I’ve not disappointed and have used this opportunity wisely to work tirelessly. Nobody deserves an opportunity or the platform to perform, and even more, we aren’t guaranteed anything. We make the best out of the vested belief others have in us and the smallest creases of opportunity to carve out our legacies. I’ve benefited from the faith, hope and belief Yoh and my recruiter have had in me and I’ve worked every day to make them proud and to prove them right.


Yoh Aviation & Defense

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