What do your recruiting and professional staffing partners have to say about video?

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Posted by Joel Capperella

June 30, 2011

At Yoh, we believe you should care about how your professional staffing partners are doing their recruiting. And you should care about every aspect of the process in use. Ask questions that allow you to determine how your professional partner is sourcing candidates, building talent communities, creating the foundation for smooth onboarding, and getting employee relationships off to a solid and positive start.

We feel so passionately about this that we are constantly seeking out new and innovative methods to help with all of the above. The following conversation, which I had with Ryan Feeney and Mike France of JSTN at SHRM 2011, introduces the latest method being used to add value to the traditional job posting -- video. Leveraging video can be an excellent way to engage candidates, build and nurture a talent community, and create higher performance across the most popular search engines.

JSTN is another tool that should be considered when developing a sourcing strategy. More importantly, the vendors that are serving your recruiting and professional staffing needs should also have a firm grasp on the tools available and be able to easily articulate the factors that should determine whether or not they are utilized.

Hear more about how organizations can use video to source candidates in the interview below.

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