Buying HR Technology? Advice from a Recruiting Company

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Posted by Matt Rivera

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October 13, 2016

Dangling_Carrot_Man_Yoh_Blog.jpgWhat does recruiting have to do with buying technology? Quite a lot if you think about the connection today between recruiting and technology.

I’ve now heard from several colleagues who have just gotten back from the HR Tech conference and other HR technology conferences, such as LinkedIn’s Talent Connect, that tech is playing a starring role in today's recruiting landscape. And, the fact that they are so many HR technologies conferences is proof enough of the importance of technology in recruiting and talent acquisiton. 

Our latest whitepaper, “Why Your Supplier's Technology Matters,” is a quick read for both procurement and HR, on why it’s critical to really think about the technology a staffing supplier brings to an engagement.

Buying HR Technology

Technology can be part of a contingent labor management program, typically run by a managed staffing provider (MSP). In these engagements a vendor management system (VMS) can be used as the technology component for tracking, reporting and ease of use. It’s also a component in Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) where an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) could be used.

Now that we have all of those acronyms out of the way, let’s talk about why a recruiting company is talking about purchasing technology. Namely, because we deal with it every day. Sometimes we own it, sometimes we don’t. So, we’ve learned a few things.


The Role of Technology in Recruiting

Technology is many times the third leg in the stool when it comes to a contingent labor management program or an RPO engagement. There are many different ways technology can be integrated into the program, but in almost all cases, technology is included in some way.


HR Technology Disconnect

In short, technology, the very thing that is usually thought of as a connection, can end up being the disconnect in the relationship. If the role of technology in the recruiting process is not well understood and integrated into the program, it can start a round of the ‘blame-game’. As a result, it becomes ineffective for everyone: the client, the provider, and the candidate. 


Tips to Purchase IT

Technology needs to be part of the conversation early on. As noted in the whitepaper, there needs to be input and engagement with the client’s IT department to ensure nothing is missed – whether it be technical aspects or even non-technical aspects such as who is responsible for training or support.

We see technology in almost every aspect of our lives. In a company, procurement in particular has the tough job of working with internal business partners, IT, and suppliers to ensure any investments or contract relationships are sound. This is often the starting point for the technology conversation.

Even when technology is procured, owned and maintained by the client company, there are still many aspects that need to be defined to ensure it contributes to the success of a managed services engagement.

Start the conversation around technology as early as possible if your company is thinking about a contingent labor management or an RPO program. And of course, we’re here to help if you want to know more.

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About the Author: Matt Rivera serves as Vice President, Marketing and Communications and is responsible for overseeing all aspects of Yoh’s marketing and brand communications. Matt holds a degree in Journalism/Public Relations and has been working in the staffing industry for more than 25 years. Prior to this role, Matt held many different roles from branch recruiting and proposal writing to technology management and online marketing.

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Why Your Supplier's Technology Matters


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