10 crucial questions agile developers should ask employers

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Posted by Matt Rivera

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February 6, 2013

If you come to The Seamless Workforce often, you know that on occasion we publish insight and advice for job seekers. We've done it for health care workers, IT pros, and new college graduates, and today we're going to do it for agile developers.

Over the weekend InformationWeek published an article written by Yoh's Chief Agile Evangelist, Bob Schatz. The post addresses the wide gap between the supply of agile developers and the number of agile job openings, and delivers 10 questions agile developers should ask employers. These questions will help job seekers determine how far along the agile maturity curve the organization is, and how likely the candidates' chance of success, growth, and job satisfaction.

Whether you are an agile developer searching for a job or a hiring manager in charge of recruiting new agile talent, I encourage you to check out the post and join in the conversation.

Any other questions you think agile job seekers should ask?

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