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Recruiting technology and tips for job seekers: A podcast with Cindy Lombardo of Yoh (Part 2)

Last week we published the first installment of our podcast about the state of recruiting today, featuring Cindy Lombardo, Manager of Candidate Marketing at Yoh. If you missed it, click back to hear Cindy share some eye-opening statistics about the current skills gap, as well as an update on the industries that are currently hiring and what the hottest skills are right now.

In part two, Cindy talks about recruiting technology, including social media, job boards, and applicant tracking systems (ATSs). She also shares her advice for job seekers in light of the myriad technologies that companies are using to reach, engage, and vet talent.


How does Cindy’s perspective compare to your experiences? Do you think that companies are too reliant on technology when it comes to recruiting? Let us know in a comment below.

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