Why you should consider partnering with a staffing agency

Good people are difficult to find. With high unemployment numbers, it is easy to fool yourself into thinking the talent you need is sitting by the telephone, stuffing their faces with crinkle-cut potato chips, drinking diet soda, waiting for your call, so they can help you finish that big project and take your company to the next level. You know nothing is ever that easy.

Even if you have the right people working for you right now, what happens when one of them decides to leave? What if you found the right person with the right personality and the perfect skill set, but you don’t have the budget to add additional headcount to your team? Let’s be honest. If the right people were easy to find, you would never have to look. You would already have all of the right people with the right personalities and the right skills working for you. You would probably have a bed made out of clouds and drive to work on a unicorn, too, because you would be living in a fantasy world.

Partnering with a staffing agency will help you find the right talent for your company. Recruiters do more than source resumes from job boards. Trained staffing professionals understand the marketplace. They take the time to understand the intricate nature of your business and what you need for it to succeed. Partnering with a recruiter allows you to focus your limited time and resources on running your business. You won’t have to waste precious hours going through stacks of unqualified candidates. Based on your requirements, recruiters thoroughly screen candidates to ensure you are only seeing the most qualified resumes.

Partnering with a staffing agency will directly impact your bottom line. Recruiters will identify candidates with specialized skills and expertise who they most likely have worked with in the past. When these highly specialized candidates are brought on board, they will require little training and will be able to have an immediate impact on your team, reducing the time lost on training a candidate you may find on your own.

Agencies offer the benefit of temporary workers. When you hire an employee, there are a number of expenses that you are responsible for, including your share of the employees' Social Security and Medicare taxes, state unemployment compensation insurance and workers' compensation insurance. According to an article in Forbes, these costs can increase your payroll by more than 20%.  When you use a temporary contractor, the agency carries that burden. When your project is finished and you no longer need the extra help, you can just cut the contractor loose without additional expense, or the potential legal trouble that often accompany firings and layoffs.

Your time is limited. Your work is important. Don’t waste your resources trying to figure out who the best person is going to be for the job. Partner with an agency to take the guesswork out of staffing. If you already have a relationship with one agency, then introduce a new one into the mix. You can never have too many great people working for you.

This article was written by Rob Zawatski, a Buffalo, NY native, currently residing in a suburb of Philadelphia, PA. Rob has worn many hats, including writer, comedian and staffing professional.

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