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Update on tech jobs in Silicon Valley

Mike Manoske, IT Business Development Manager for Yoh in San Jose, is back again with another review of the market for software engineering and IT jobs in the Silicon Valley and throughout the Bay Area.

Not entirely surprising, tech job growth remains slow. While overall software engineering jobs posted a 5 percent gain in the month of August, growth slowed considerably or declined in almost every category. The only exception being FLEX jobs, which posted a whopping 300 percent jump and could signal a big move toward Rich Internet Applications (RIA) development.

IT and networking jobs continue to decline. And while desktop support showed strong growth in Mike's last report, jobs in this area dropped 11 percent.

Overall, we are seeing that the recession still has a significant impact on tech jobs in the Valley. However, Microsoft 7 might just move the needle. As companies start to go through PC refreshes and make the move to Windows 7, desktop support and development initiatives should gain some much needed steam.

Check out Mike's latest reports on software engineering and IT below. What projects do you have in the pipeline? What trends are you seeing?

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