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Tips for Recruiting and Retaining Women in Technology

Portrait of a smiling woman at the computer in bright glass office, programmer,technology,AIWomen inclusion across sectors and industries have started becoming all the more evident than it used to be a decade ago. While there is still an existent glass ceiling in the corporate world, time has started seeing it getting broken. However, one industry that is taking its sweet time to balance the gender equilibrium is the technology sector. This article is a step to bridge the gender inequality present in the technology sector. We will dissect how to recruit and retain women in the technology workspace.

Does Diversification work in a technology company

In the last decade research has been conducted, highlighting the benefit of diversity on a company’s bottom line. The enterprises which include women are more likely to attract and retain the talent, lower the turnover cost, and better the organizational performance.

A study by Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology came up with a statics that Fortune 500 companies which have three female directors see a jump of over 60% in the ROI, while a 42% increase in return of sales and 53% increase in return of equity.

The statistics are a sign that gender diversity is a good sign for businesses. Now even though businesses can study the role of mobile apps in women empowerment and incorporate it, the role of HR in establishing equality cannot be ignored.


6 ways to recruit and retain women in technology


1. Visit Tech Women-Specific Job Websites

For finding female tech candidates companies must advertise in communities and forums which are concentrated on women of technology. By posting requirements on these profiles HRs won’t have to let go of their current hiring practices, but only expand it further to a more diversified space.

2. Speak a Gender-Inclusive Language

Female candidates tend to approach a job posting a lot differently from their male counterparts. In fact, according to unsourced statistics, females tend to apply for a job only when they meet 100% of the job descriptions unlike men who apply when they meet 60% of the KRAs. Where I am going with this is when you use male oriented keywords like ninja and rock stars, you might sway the female candidates in other directions.

3. A Necessary Mentorship Program

An Information Systems Audit and Control Association survey showcased that women in technology face issues that include lack of mentorship and lesser female role models. Tech companies must ensure that they are linking every new female tech employee with a mentor - irrespective of the gender.

In addition to making onboarding easier, mentors must also offer them valuable advice and steps to develop necessary skills that can lead to a fulfilling career trajectory.


4. A Company Wide Work-Life Balance

Although talked about on a massive scale, very few tech companies actually put it into practice. What is important is to fix the work day timings and hours - across the company. Generally, women struggle with the choice of giving time to their family or work when they come back from office since they always operate under the fear that their absence might result in them losing career opportunities.


5. Start From the Top

It can get extremely difficult to inspire the new female recruits about her future growth in your market until there are women in leadership roles taking crucial decisions. Place a female role model at all the leadership levels encouraging women to push for promotions and seek appraisals.


6. Build A Gender Diversity Pipeline

Developing a diverse workplace doesn’t happen in silo. Companies dedicated to change should build relationships with tech schools, programs, and organizations, they should set job-shadowing or internship programs giving women an opportunity to explore tech offerings within your company.



Having greater gender inclusivity in a tech space goes beyond recruitment. You will have to make gender exclusive choices that promote work-life balance and equal pay among both female and male employees.

After all the efforts taken and attended, the one thing to note is that gender equality is the need of the hour in the tech domain. So the more you keep putting it on hold, the closer you would get to losing your image in the sector.


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