The Ultimate Guide to Getting a Paid Internship

Teacher helping students with assignmentGetting an internship can help guide you into the profession of your dreams. You’re able to get an idea of what you do and don’t like and take that into your career. While social distancing and shelter in place may be in full action this school year, you don’t have to pause your thoughts of getting an internship.

Whether you want to get an in-person or remote internship, there are some simple, best practices, that could win you the perfect internship opportunity (that helps your budget).


Where to Find Internships

First, you may want to actively seek internships. While doing so, cast your net far and wide. You may be studying marketing, but later find your passion for finance through real-life work experiences. Test your skills and see what suits you and your future the best.


Start the Search

Start out your search utilizing tools right in front of you — the internet. There are many job-seeking sites like LinkedIn, Indeed, and ZipRecruiter that are able to set you up with your dream internship.


Utilize Your Schools Connections

Connect with your college resource center to see who they may know. You could find an internship that isn’t available to other students across the country or have a stellar reference to add to your resume.


Weigh On Your Connections

Ask your family, friends, and professors to get the inside scoop. See if they know anyone that is looking for some extra help with an intern. You may already have an amazing reference to earning you that golden opportunity.


What to Do Before You Apply

Second, prepare yourself or the application process. You will want to do it perfectly the first time. Make sure you’re qualified and have your documents sparkly clean.


Find the Perfect Time

Most companies hire in advance — if you’re wanting a summer internship, start your search about 6 months in advance. Stay on top of your emails and connect with anyone that may already have an inside scoop on the company you’re applying to.


Upgrade Your Social Currency

Go through your social media accounts and delete anything you don’t want job seekers to see. Upgrade your LinkedIn account and start adding articles and certifications of interest of completion.


Try New Things

Grow your skills list by trying out new things and tracking your progress. Join a club on campus, or utilize online teaching platforms like SkillShare to grow your resumes list of accomplishments.


Make Your Resume and Cover Letter Sparkle

Now, add everything you want to your resume, edit it. And again. And again. Once everything is pristine, switch your finale over to a PDF and upload it to your application form. Even print it out to ensure your measurements are exactly how you want them to be.


Do It Right the First Time

Read and re-read the application guidelines to ensure you know exactly what you need to do. It would be frustrating to see all your invested hard work go to waste just from the wrong click of a button.


How to Have a Successful Interview

Make your strong introduction and impact in a face to face (or video face to face) interview. Ensure you’re fully prepared and ready to win over this interview using our best practices below.


Do Your Research

Always do your research before attending an interview to show your genuine interest in their company. Find out how they got started, how far they’ve come, and who has made large impacts on the company. Go the extra mile and research your interviewers.


Have Mock Interviews

Ask your family and friends if they could do mock interviews. Put your serious face on and run through as many interview questions as possible. Follow up asking if they’re able to give any feedback or tips to win over the interview.


Dress for Success

Dressing like a professional may give you the perfect confidence boost. Gage the company you’re interviewing with and dress the part. A marketing team may be a little more creative, while a finance department may be more suit and tie.


Act Confident and Prepared

Act confident and comfortable sharing your past experiences and desire to work at their company. If you find yourself getting caught up on your words, take a deep breath or take a sip of water.


Always Send a Thank You

Send over a thank you email, or note, up to 24 hours after your interview. Thank them for their time and consideration for this opportunity. Take it a step further as send out thank you’s to everyone you came in contact with at their company.


How to Make the Most of Your Internship

Now that you may have got the job and are eager to get started, make the most out of your experience. Go above and beyond for your team and create long-lasting connections.


Make the Perfect First Impression

Show up on your first day prepared and eager to try new things. Show up 10-15 minutes early with a notebook and pen ready to take as many notes as you can. Even walk around the office and introduce yourself to anyone and everyone you can.


Seek Out Mentors

Throughout your time at a company, foster organic professional relationships. As you grow stronger connections, see whom may be willing to be your long-lasting mentor. After you leave your internship, you may be able to utilize that relationship to give you more career advice.


Weigh On Your Existing Network

As you grow your network, always utilize them. Ask to buy them a coffee in exchange for a helpful conversation. You may be able to get guidance on your next career move post-college, or a helpful reference to add to your resume.

Check out our infographic for more tips and tricks to land your dream internship (that pays!)


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