The hunt for good recruiters

The Yoh RPO team recently reviewed its workforce plan, revealing some interesting challenges in the recruiting space right now. As we underwent this process and uncovered these revelations, I was reminded 0f the mortgage bubble and crisis (as we've thought about ad-nauseum) and identified some similarities between the demand for mortgage brokers then and good recruiters now.

Before the bubble burst, everyone's buddy or neighbor was a mortgage broker or everyone at least knew a few. It didn't require much to enter the profession, as is now evident by the current mortgage and foreclosure debacle. No offense to the many well-trained and career mortgage brokers. But it's hard to deny that many of the mortgage brokers were not so educated in the field. Many were former school teachers, insurance brokers, and maybe even your personal trainer from the gym, who decided one day to give the new career a try with little or no training.

What does this have to do with recruiters and our workforce plan?

Answer: In principle, a lot. During the "good times," when everyone was hiring, it was easy to be a good recruiter. Competitive pay packages, fun places to work, relocations, and training and development programs made it easier to entice your competitors' top talent. But the outgoing tide often takes a lot of junk with it.

Thanks to organizations having to do more with less, and fortunately, treating talent acquisition like a business partner, we have more performance-driven talent organizations. They have driven the need for greater productivity and measureable results. So like other areas of the organization, you need strong metrics, expectations, and accountability aligned with the business needs.

And this is where we see the good/best recruiters rise to the top. But now that the tide has turned, there is still high demand for these top recruiters and competition for the best is fierce. Companies now need to compete for great recruiters like they do for salespeople, engineers and other business leaders. They are the gateway for the rest of an organization's top talent, and the employment brand's biggest spokesperson. You can officially add recruiting great recruiters to the top of your talent acquisition priority list.

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This post was written by Doug Lubin, a successful Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Practice Leader and Consultant, who brings over a decade of expertise building sustainable solutions for clients and partners.  Doug helps firms develop high performing talent acquisition and management strategies locally and globally.  Learn more about Doug.



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