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The arc of social media recruiting strategy

At SHRM 2011 this week, I interviewed Robin Richards, the successful serial entrepreneur, CEO, and founder of CareerArc Group. Robin provides excellent perspective on some of the difficulties associated with social recruiting. He shares what CareerArc Group is doing to help minimize those challenges and to increase organizations' reach and activity across the natural networks that individuals are building using social tools.

CareerArc Group is attempting to develop and segment these networks in such a way that hiring managers can spend less time teaching their recruiters how to source, and focus more on interacting with their target candidate market. Inherent in all of this, of course, is the assumption that you know your candidate market. Hiring managers would do well to consider the steps they must take to aggressively identify what the talent they need looks like and cares about. Doing so would allow them to leverage technologies like those that are offered by Robin's CareerArc Group.

If you have a few minutes, listen to my conversation with Robin below to hear how CareerArc Group is helping companies and candidates connect in this increasingly social world.

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