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Case Study: Staffing Engineering Talent Just In Time

Back view of woman engineer looking at project sketchNo matter how large a company is or how much expertise it has, no one enterprise can be everything to everyone; even one of the world’s largest and most recognizable energy conglomerates. Sure, it may seem easy to hire people who want to work for a globally recognized and respected corporation, but every dog has its day (and its staffing solution).

Having excelled in the production of planes, oils, energies, transportation and other everyday necessities, this company found it increasingly challenging to maintain staffing levels for its engineering, oil and gas, and life sciences talent. As a critical element of the business, the company needed to fill those gaps in talent acquisition in order to make the entire enterprise run smoother and more efficiently. But, without the skills and tools in place to find, acquire and hire specialized engineering and life science talent, the company recognized they needed help.

So what did Yoh do for them and how did it turn out? (Or rather “turning out,” our relationship has been ongoing for years now.) 

The Dilemma

The multinational conglomerate needed talent for five of its 12 business units across multiple countries with varying timeframes (sometimes turnaround to fill a position could be as little as 24 hours). Unfortunately for them, they didn’t have the resources internally to recruit and fill these positions on their own. They needed a true partner who could act on their behalf to find the talented building blocks that make up a successful corporation – the people. 

The Strategy

After meeting with Yoh, it was decided that the best solution was a full Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) program.Through this RPO partnership with Yoh, the client is able to make more than 13,000 job offers per year and share up to 20,000 job postings per year to fill those positions. Using the insights and guidance shared by Yoh experts, the client never fails to meet a hiring need and is able to quickly adapt to changes in market factors at a moment’s notice.

Need 10 highly skilled, certified employees to work in a manufacturing facility for a six month contract? Done. Need them in four days? No problem. The unique relationships Yoh recruiters have built over the years with potential hires provides us with such a large pool of qualified talent that filing needs with not just a person but the right person has become second nature.

No ask is too large or task too lofty for Yoh’s recruiting prowess to handle. It’s why Yoh has remained a loyal partner to the client year after year. We deliver.

The Impact

But recruitment is more than just finding people. It’s finding efficiencies in the way those people are found and the way our clients do business that truly makes Yoh stand out.

By bringing the client’s processes fully electronic, Yoh cut the client’s yearly office supplies spend by nearly $30,000. And for those employees who work in multiple countries and require special designations and approvals to move from continent to continent and region to region, Yoh’s innovators developed processes for streamlining the transports.

All along the way, Yoh provides the company insight into every aspect of its talent spending while concurrently increasing the quality of said talent. New employees are smarter and more talented, and budgets are maximized and maintained. Every day, specially tasked Yoh Innovation Teams are working for the client to find even more efficiencies to make the way the company does business better and smarter.

Want to find out more about how Yoh can increase the quality of your talent, and keep everything from costs to quality in check? Head on over to our RPO page and send us a line. We’ll be waiting (and innovating while we do).

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