Carry On Recruitment: Bringing RPO to a Conglomerate’s Aviation Division

BLP0100548-641806-edited.jpgIf they were around today, the Wright brothers would be in awe of how their original concept took off and became a global means of transportation and trade in just a few short decades. Fast forward, and the aviation industry employs 58.1 million people and flies an average of 3.1 billion passengers each year. And many of those 3-plus billion fliers can thank the engineers and A&P mechanics who design, construct and inspect the engines that make our aircrafts go.

The aviation industry has become a staple in our world for both business and leisure purposes, and it requires top-notch engineers and mechanics to construct the aircraft necessary keep up with the demand we place on the industry today. That’s why one of Yoh’s clients, a multinational conglomerate with a Fortune-500-sized aviation division, turns to us to ensure they can meet their serious hiring needs.

The Dilemma

The process of constructing an aircraft differs significantly from your standard assembly line. The complex undertaking requires hundreds of different individuals with a number of diverse and very explicit skills to see the process from start to finish—a process that can start in one state and end in another. Not only is staffing a unique challenge, but quick market changes can result in shifting needs at any moment’s notice. Combine all these factors together, and Yoh had quite the job on its hands.

The Strategy

For an ongoing project of this size and scope, only a Yoh Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) program would do. With a team of aviation recruiting experts, Yoh was put in charge of sourcing, procuring, hiring and on-boarding up to 200 individuals or more per month. Not only does Yoh make sure their client has best-in-class staff, but the RPO team is specially trained in all aspects of aviation and local employment regulations so that, no matter the requisition or job location, the client has the confidence to know that the candidate is always the right one for the job. And as with any Yoh RPO program, the client can easily scale up, scale down or transfer recruiters to another part of the business depending on need, saving costs and maximizing the value Yoh resources provide.

The Impact

Aside from completely overhauling the search and hiring process for the client—which was a significant endeavor to say the least—Yoh experts identified pain points the client didn’t even know it had. Over time, Yoh improved hiring efficiency by more than 117 percent, bringing greater value to the client and tremendous savings along the way. As a separate value-add, Yoh also took charge of the client’s co-op program, one of the largest in the world, and now sources and hires up to 1,200 college students per year.

Yoh was put in charge of hiring engineers, IT experts, A&P mechanics, environmental health and safety experts but delivered much more than talent. Yoh become the client’s talent partner and is now embedded in the organization, bringing efficiencies, increasing the quality of talent and doing it all cost-effectively. Yoh’s RPO powerhouse went above and beyond as they always do.

Come check out what Yoh’s custom RPO programs can do for you. We are a built to take recruitment off of your shoulders.


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