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RPO leadership expectations to help you elevate performance

Within our RPO organization, each year, we create performance expectations and goals for our growing team.  And each year, the expectations and goals stretch our team to perform better than they are today.   As leaders, it is challenging asking for more, given that our team may already be out-performing our metrics and key performance indicators that tell us we are favorably impacting our client’s results.  But we stretch our team for one purpose – we know they can.

It is critical that high performing organizations, like Yoh, think of performance management as a strategic initiative.  We have a specific call to action by our customers and leadership to raise the bar on how we are performance managing our teams.  We do this with full transparency, for we want to assure our people that we take a consistent approach to performance management.

We also measure and manage to what we call “Critical Pillars”.  Pillars that define our success as an RPO Partner -- Time to Submit, Time to Fill, Quality of Submittals or Conversion Rate, and # of Hires per Recruiter.  We establish tailored targets for each client that are designed to raise the level of service for each account we service.

Here are a few examples of RPO Leadership expectations that may help you elevate performance.

Leader Expectations

  • Aligning individual employee's day-to-day actions with strategic business objective, contractual agreements and overall RPO strategy

  • Providing visibility and clarifying accountability related to performance expectations.  Sharing necessary quarterly and yearly review slides to show connectivity of individual and account performance

  • Documenting individual performance to support compensation and career planning decisions

  • Establishing focus for skill development by delivering modules highlighting importance of time management, social media, managing others to name a few

  • Weekly 1:1 discussions with direct reports and reviewing performance against targets and goals

Time to stretch – off we go…

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