Recruitment strategies: The maturation of the job seeker

According to ComScore, and as reported by TechCrunch, Indeed has surpassed Monster in number of total unique visitors. The takeaway? Search matters, and might matter most.

In our line of work, we are conscious of changes such as these because it's important for us to understand how job candidates go about seeking positions that interest them. For those of you who don't examine this aspect of workforce strategies that closely, it is important to delineate between the Monsters of the world versus the Indeeds.

Indeed is a job search engine and/or aggregator. Relying on its relationships with job boards, as well as the algorithms they've written to search and offer available job postings, Indeed essentially serves up all available jobs that are posted somewhere on the Internet. In a way, you could consider Indeed (and Simplyhired is another) as a Google for jobs.

It is an important distinction that says quite a lot about how job seekers' use of the Internet is maturing. While the traditional boards offer up significantly much more than just their job postings (such as resume development, career advice, etc.), they are competing for the attention of a job-seeking generation that has been weaned on immediate and inclusive access.

Job seekers in their twenties and thirties came of age in the era of "search," and continue to mature in the dawn of nearly ubiquitous mobile access. This translates into on-demand consumption that requires little to no discernment over returned content. What I mean is, all the value that the job boards offer, while nice, might be irrelevant to the candidate.

And this potential new reality doesn't even factor in the networking that is happening with candidates and employers across social media. More and more it is on social media where the additional content is sought.

It is a shift for sure, and one of which recruitment professionals and workforce strategists need to be mindful.

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