An Irrefusable Offer: Using RPO to Manage Offer Letters and Compliance for a Multinational Giant

Woman_Crying_Letter_Yoh_Blog.jpgWhen you think of Recruitment Process Outsourcing, compliance is not necessarily the first service offering that comes to mind. When hiring upwards of thousands of workers, many of whom require relocation assistance, VISA eligibility tests and background screenings, it's easy to see why after reading this case study RPO was the ideal candidate to get the job done.

If the phrase managing the workforce for a global conglomerate seems overwhelming, you’re right. It is. Imagine keeping track of every new hire (up to 12,000 a year in this case) across 10-plus divisions. It’s enough to overwhelm even the most seasoned HR pros.


RPO Case Study

For years, Yoh has represented a multinational giant with a 300,000-plus workforce and a very tedious new hire process. With the amount of job offers going in and out on a daily basis, few hiring managers and recruiters have the capacity to keep up with them all, while staying up-to-date on the latest compliance changes. So it’s only natural that Yoh would be the one to handle this massive project. It’s just what we do.

The Dilemma

On average, Yoh’s client extends more than 12,000 job offers to future employees over the course of a year. The offers span different employment types, industries and geographic locations, leaving the organization’s HR department with, essentially, a compliance and regulatory nightmare. To make matters worse, the client was manually tracking and organizing the offer letters, causing errors, tedious project management and a severe lack of insight into any part of the process.


The Strategy

Once a hiring manager submits an offer to a candidate, Yoh takes over and is responsible for everything from the time of the offer request to the point it goes to the on-boarding team through its RPO program. The most important aspect of the process is the candidate compliance review. Yoh’s multi-step compliance checklist reviews visa requirements, interview evaluation reports, source-of-hire, job folder compliance, and everything in between. It thoroughly examines the candidate to provide the company with full assurance that the individual has been screened and is allowed to work for the company. And if Yoh discovers an issue along the way? Our compliance matrix makes it easy to identify where things went wrong and provides a quick solution to the problem.

The Multi-Step Compliance Checklist 

  • Interview Evaluation Report
  • Hiring from the Government Compliance Review
  • Requisition/Offer Accuracy Check
  • Relocation Compliance Check
  • Internal/External Job Requirement(s)
  • Posting Period Check
  • Job Folder Compliance Review
  • VISA/Eligibility Check
  • Source-of-Hire Check
  • Non-Compete Clause (NCC) Assurance
  • No-Hire/Non-Solicit Review
  • Background and Drug Screen Verification


The Impact

With Yoh on board, the client never needs to worry about the messy compliance and technical details of bringing on talent. Hiring managers can streamline their efforts and, in return, save valuable time and money. All throughout this long-term relationship, Yoh has implemented systematic changes to make sure every aspect of the company’s hiring process is operating at optimum efficiency. That includes helping the client as it moved from a manual offer/acceptance process to an industry-best e-filing process. Today, Yoh is advising the conglomerate in a number of areas regarding its hiring practices and identifies challenges and solutions as only the experts at Yoh can do.

Want to find out more about why Yoh was the best hire this conglomerate ever made? Check out the full case study.

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