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Movieclips Monday: Turning your workplace into the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

In this charming film, seven senior citizens attempt a retirement of luxury at what is pitched to them as the “Best exotic Marigold Hotel for the Elderly and Beautiful” in India.  Upon arrival, each guest is disappointed to see the hotel is run down, food is distasteful to their English palates, and nothing is as it seemed in the advertisement.

The reaction each guest has to this disappointment varies.  One character, Jean, mostly stays in the hotel reading.  Another, Doug, explores the city, while racist Muriel begins to meet the locals despite her prejudices and Evelyn gets her first job.



Time to make lemonade!  (or a Mango Lassi!)  As a recruiter, constantly talking to employees who are open to considering leaving their jobs, I hear the same laundry list of complaints; poor management, lousy benefits, lack of appreciation, canceled bonuses, lack of communication, rising healthcare costs, etc.  As an employee myself, I will typically take the side of the employee in their complaints and agree in most cases, companies need to tweak, or in some cases, completely revamp how they handle rewarding and motivating their employees.  Having said that, I also operate under the mantra that, in most cases, it is your choice to work where you work, so seize any opportunity you can to make the best of it.

Where there is nothing you can do about rising costs of healthcare, lack of bonus and many other of the aforementioned issues, figure out what you can control and focus on that.  Find the positives and figure out how to parlay them into becoming a bigger part of your job.

For me, my primary role for Yoh is to place hard-to-find technical people into hard-to-fill roles.  It’s challenging, competitive and certainly carries with it highs and lows.  On a particularly difficult week, I remind myself of the things about my job that I appreciate, which is connecting people with their dream jobs, flexibility, earning potential and being in the know about new trends in technology, to name a few.  Where these positives don’t cancel out the negatives, it is far more motivating to focus on them.

What I take away from this movie is this: We can find the positive or the negative in any situation.  When possible, the outcome and quality of your work life, and personal life, will likely be a lot better with focus on what you love.

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