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Minding the skills gap: A podcast with Dr. Peter Cappelli about “Why Good People Can’t Get Jobs” (Part 1)

This week we posted a review of “Why Good People Can’t Get Jobs: The Skills Gap and What Companies Can Do About It” by Dr. Peter Cappelli of The Wharton School. The book examines the skills gap that many companies blame for hiring difficulties and reveals some of the nonconstructive aspects of the talent acquisition process that are most likely the cause.

Lucky for us, Dr. Cappelli dialed up The Seamless Workforce to provide additional commentary on his new book. We had a lot of questions and decided to break the podcast into two parts. Click play below to listen to the first part, in which Dr. Cappelli explains what inspired him to write “Why Good People Can’t Get Jobs,” his beliefs about the skills gap, and the link between current hiring practices and the economy.

We’ll be posting the second installment in the next few days. In it, Dr. Cappelli discusses solutions to combat hiring issues, temporary staffing solutions, and whether companies are too reliant on technology for hiring. If you can’t wait to hear it, download the full 20-minute interview now.

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