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Industry tips on how to find the right IT staffing firm

In order to run smoothly and maintain optimal efficiency, an IT department relies on its staff. But not just any staff will do for this technical work.  Information technology staff must be experienced and qualified to work in the exact capacity they’re needed, otherwise problems will arise.

Another element of keeping an IT department operating at its peak is having sufficient staff to cover temporarily open positions and to fill permanent position openings.  When there is a need for either of these kinds of staff members, many companies in the Philadelphia area turn to professional IT staffing companies for help.

Like with any other type of professional agency, IT staffers are not all alike.  If you’re looking to link up with one of these companies for ongoing IT staffing needs, here are four things to keep in mind that will help you select the right firm.


Most of the top-rated IT staffing firms specialize in placing technology professionals in IT departments of a wide range of companies.  Through working exclusively in IT, an agency develops experience it could not have gained had its focus been on numerous employment fields.

Agency Personnel

When you work with an IT staffing company, you should have access to a team of professionals with solid experience in all the details of the placement and recruiting processes.  A small agency can be a good choice, but a larger agency with a team approach is the best choice in many cases.

Placement Types

The agency you work with should, above all else, be able to promptly find the specific type of employees you need.  This might include contract, full-time, part-time, temporary, temporary-to-permanent and others.

Skills Delivery

An IT staffing firm in Philadelphia for instance, in order to perform optimally for you, must have a network of a variety of professionals with a range of skills ready to go to work.  It must be able to supply everything from qualified project managers and team leaders to application developers and server engineers.  A top staffing agency will have invested much effort and time into building a stable of experienced professionals seeking work in a very wide range of technical positions.

Essentially, then, a good IT staffing agency will ideally specialize in placing workers in information technology positions, will have a staff and management team experienced in IT placement, will be able to fill a variety of needs from permanent to temporary staff, and will have workers who can perform well in a range of job capacities in the IT field.

By looking at these and other specific areas within IT staffing agencies, you’ll be able to select one that will be able to solve your staffing challenges with quality employees on a consistent basis.

This post was written by Andrew Lazaunikas. Andrew is a Seamless Workforce contributor interested in InSource, a professional agency engaged in IT staffing in Philadelphia and neighboring areas.  You can learn more about InSource at

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