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In case you missed it: June 29

Before you brave the summer heat this weekend, take a moment to catch up on the latest workforce news.

Mashable: Google Maps Coordinate Lets You Manage a Mobile Workforce

Google unveiled a new maps initiative, Coordinate, which aims to help employers visualize the location of mobile workers in order to deploy and manage them more efficiently. As Todd Wasserman of Mashable points out, Coordinate is clearly relevant to companies that dispatch workers for deliveries. But it will also be interesting to see if companies in other industries turn to Coordinate to help orchestrate their remote workers. International Data Corporation (IDC) estimates that there will be more than 1.3 billion mobile workers worldwide by 2015.

WSJ: When Training Leads to Turnover

Rachel Emma Silverman reports on the findings of a new study on employee training and turnover that revealed the most common factors that cause employees to leave a company after training. The study found that employees that participated in training were more likely to stay only if they saw advancement opportunities. “If not, they felt little loyalty to their company -- and their new skills made them more attractive to other firms,” explains Silverman. The research also noted that promotions and raises might not be the only ways to increase retention. Some respondents identified mentoring and job rotations as opportunities to enhance their careers.

Digits: ‘Girls Who Code’ Seeks to Train Women for Tech Fields

A new organization called Girls Who Code will launch an eight-week program for 20 high school girls this summer to teach participants technological skills such as website creation and mobile app development. Girls Who Code is backed by a number of companies, including Google, eBay, GE, and Twitter.

This is a great example of a training program that promotes the development of hard-to-find skills. Many companies could extend the reach of recruiting efforts and enhance their talent communities by participating in educational programs and college outreach or sponsorship.

Finally, this week we released our latest eBook, The IT Hiring Manager’s Brief Guide to IT Staffing. The eBook discusses the different types of non-employees, independent contractors, MSP engagements, and how to attract the right talent. It also includes some FAQs from IT hiring managers. Download the entire eBook, or check out our four-part blog series, which recaps some of the best practices from the guide.


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