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In Case You Missed It: June 11

Today's "In Case You Missed It" will focus on corporate risk. Matt Rivera focused on this earlier this week when he dissected J&J's recent recalls and assessed the need for companies to evaluate their risk management profiles. also touched on companies who experience "critical incidents" in the post, A Checklist for Predicting Corporate Disasters--Is Your Firm the Next BP?. In it, Dr. John Sullivan argues that companies experiencing these incidents must seriously analyze if human factors or people-management practices were the underlying cause.

Although not directly related to disasters such as the oil spill in the Gulf, the loss of key talent could be a monumental disaster for businesses, especially if that talent leaves behind a knowledge or skill set void. We've seen a few articles in the past few weeks that touch on the treatment of employees. Remember, how you treat your employees now could influence how long they stay with you.

    • In CWS 30's Treat Temps Right or Employees Could Gripe, the author discusses the importance of a collaborative working environment--and why temporary talent shouldn't be left out of the mix. By leaving the management of temporary employees to full-time staff, employers could be creating even greater workloads for already-taxed employees. On the other hand, by addressing these management issues early on, and being sure to integrate temporary employees in all areas of the business and social culture, employers are promoting the collaboration that employees are looking for.

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