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How To Prove Your Value At Work

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One of the most challenging things for employees to do is ask for a raise. In fact, more than 50% of people have gone their entire career without asking for a pay raise. It is hard to believe, but the underlying reason for many of these people is simply that they would feel uncomfortable and inappropriate doing so.


How To Ask For A Raise

Of course, it can be challenging to strike up an important conversation with the boss, but if you truly believe that you deserve a pay increase, then you should have no problem explaining yourself. If you are doing great work, then you actually have a rather reasonable request. Many employers want to pay their employees really well who do extraordinary work.

It is crucial that you go into the conversation knowing what you are asking for, but more importantly, how you will ask for it. If you have exceeded your boss’ expectations, made good impressions, and proved that you are capable of completing your work on time, then you probably have every right to ask for a raise.


Confidence Is Key

The best way to shake your jitters is to go in confident and well-prepared. Go in with the mindset that you called for a meeting, and be prepared to run it as such. Going in with a good strategy will be very helpful because it won’t leave much room for your boss to ask any surprising questions.

Instead of waiting for your boss to ask why you deserve a raise, you should take control and present the hard facts you prepared to back yourself. Prove yourself with your performance reports, goal charts, and even something proprietary that shows you are thinking ahead (as if you already have the promotion).


Know Your Value In The Workplace

Even if you are content with your current position and salary, it is beneficial for your career growth to consistently show the value that you are providing to the organization. By displaying that you have a willingness to grow professionally and work hard, your superiors will recognize how serious you are about your work. You will also gain a better understanding of yourself and your career goals when you have the ability to continually analyze your performance.

When you have a concrete understanding of your role, it will also help those around you perform more efficiently. Having a strong grasp on your responsibilities makes working easier for others because they can determine how you should be working together. So, by doing your own great work, you can also have a hand in improving the overall function of your business.

While you show that you can do great work, it is also essential to acknowledge the accomplishments of your coworkers. It is crucial for you to recognize that without them completing their tasks every day, your hard work and success would not be possible. Your coworkers will appreciate hearing that you value them and their work.


Grow With Coworkers And The Industry

When the outcome of your work can be affected by the work of others, it is a good idea to help your coworkers. If you see that a coworker is struggling, then you should do your best to help them out so that you both don’t fall behind. This also shows that you have the ability and desire to improve more than just yourself.

Something that employers love to see is someone that now only wants to grow with the company, but also in the industry. Staying up-to-date with industry trends and new discoveries/tools being used to optimize performance is an integral part of any business that wants to keep moving forward. Your superiors will notice when you are keeping up with these newsworthy events without having to be asked.


Taking time out of your day to do the simple tasks mentioned above will prove to any employer that you are serious about your work and worth keeping around. By following these tips, your role in the workplace will be valued more than ever. Now take a look at this infographic for more great tips on proving your value at work!




About the Author: Brigid Ludwig is a content creator and writer for Turbo who aspires to empower others to make smarter financial decisions and career moves.


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