How to Manage Time When You Are Working From Home

Thoughtful young programmer coding on computer in the evening at home-1If we leave out the freelancers and a few others, we must say that the concept of working from home was something unknown for most of us. Of course, it was challenging initially for leadership to support employees struggling with time management, and we were all skeptical about the effects of this kind of work. But after months of working remotely, we noticed that it comes with numerous benefits: you don’t have to worry about dress code, makeup, or hairstyle. However, you need to have the extra strong willpower to stop yourself from surfing the web during working hours. Keep in mind that you need to resist even the things you enjoy most, like playing games. When you organize your time and finish your work, you will have more free time to play your favorite games, such as Spiel Space Invaders, than you ever imagined. Otherwise, you will have to work more hours than you would usually in the office. Some people are so addicted to social media that they use every opportunity to check notifications on PCs or iPhones. If you are an entrepreneur, this behavior will make you lose money. 

Indeed, we can be distracted by a plethora of things. But, don’t worry! With the best time management app, you can be more in control! If you are a team leader, the management app will also help you monitor your team from a distance.

Let’s move to our top five management app examples described in detail.


Focus Keeper: Extend Your Limits

The focus keeper uses the Pomodoro time management method. It’s a simple and effective but funny way to complete your tasks. The point is that you have to work 25 minutes, and then you have a 5 minutes break. When you succeed in this, you gain one Pomodoro (tomato in Italian). When you collect four tomatoes (finish for these cycles), you can have one long 30 minutes break. Some employees comment that they prefer to collect five tomatoes and then take a more extended break.

We can guarantee that you will become a Pomodoro fan because it will increase your focus and working achievements without any effort. It is suitable for iOS, Android, and Desktop. This time app is an efficient entrepreneur’s and employee’s assistant that doesn’t cause burnout. It is the best time management app for small businesses.


Toggle: Your Time Tracker Assistant

Toggle is perfect for those who seek an alternative to timesheets tables. It gives a good and precise analysis of how much time is spent on different tasks or projects. Not only this, but Toggle can also suggest what is necessary to speed up some processes. 

This is an excellent time app for teams who are working on different projects at the same time. When you use Toggle, satisfaction is mutual: both for entrepreneurs and employees. Toggle also offers priceless advice on how to improve the efficiency of your employees. This program is worth using because, in such a way, you will save your time and would not use your insurance for recovering from stress.


Trello: Boost Your Organizing Skills

Trello is already used by many companies all over the world. With this app, you can follow the progress of completing tasks with a determined deadline. 

Trello allows you to have a better overview of the working progress. You can organize your time by the deadline. The only disadvantage is if you have a bunch of tasks with the same deadline. Because of this, the Trello management app needs, in our opinion, some development and upgrading.

According to reviews, Trello is much better for team managers than employees. If you use Trello to track employees’ efficiency, you can estimate every employee well. Trello management app for android is also good for employees. It can help you to figure out how much you can work within a specific timeframe.


Desk Time: Challenge Your Team

This management app development uses the Pomodoro technique and gives support to big companies and their managers. We like that Desk Time applies to different Mac, Windows, Linux, and Android systems. This management app download is fast, and it doesn’t require high configuration. 

Desk Time has special features, which are the reason why this app usually gets excellent reviews. We will list some top-rated characteristics: daily proactive timeline, absence calendar, auto screenshot, and downloadable analysis. With Desk Time, you can even set the productivity target. It’s all you need to have for successful leadership. 


Rescue Time: Never Lose Control

Do you think that your employees are wasting their time and your money on social media while working? Maybe you want to improve your tasks score and prove you are capable of doing more? Rescue Time can help you in both situations. 

This powerful management app is splendid for a prosperous company. With Rescue time, you will get weekly reports of websites used during working time.

Distraction blocking is optional, and team software is highly recommended. Can you imagine that this app has a completely free trial if you want to register? One thing is for sure; you won’t regret trying this management app opportunity.


Final Word

As the concept of remote working is new, we need some time to get used to it. We also need time management skills and tips that many of us lack in reality. However,  time management apps are here to come to our rescue. As you can see, a management app is a practical tool that everyone can use. You only need to figure out which one is the best for you! Have you ever tried any of these tools? Would you like to?

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About the Author: Jeremy Ambrose is a web development manager that uses time apps as a way of life. He is a father of three baby girls and a passionate bicyclist. Working remotely gives him the opportunity to discover different time apps. His golden retriever, Lucy, is always around him and reminds him that playing is a part of life.   

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