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How to Change Your Career Without Starting from Scratch

Horizontal view of woman with her curriculum vitae-1Changing careers is always challenging. And, in some situations, it can be nearly impossible to navigate successfully. No matter how many inspirational quotes you read on the web about how you must follow your dreams.

And then, when you do actually take the leap and make a career change, your pay may take a nosedive as well and decrease. Obviously, this may affect you and/or your family quite negatively. Alternatively, you might have to get a degree, for which you need both time and money.

In any case, you DO NOT have to give up on your dreams just because you can not change your career at the moment. Here are 4 tips for those who want to make a career change, but can’t yet do it.


4 Tips to Make A Career Change 


1. Stay Where You Are but Change What You Do

If you cannot yet change your career because you lack the necessary skills and knowledge, then, at least, you can work to change the scope of your professional activity and thereby, shift closer to your dream.


Say you work as a lawyer in a real estate agency, but you dream of working on television. You find you can’t get a job on TV simply because you have no relevant skills to put on your resume, not to mention any professional experience or useful connections in the field.


Get a job as a lawyer within a television company, see how things are going there, and obtain some useful connections. After some time, you're in a better position to actually start working your way towards being in front of the camera, instead of solely behind the scenes. Of course, working in another field implies that you will need to get some new skills, but it will be a lot easier than starting a brand new career in a brand new area.


2. Leverage Your Existing Skills in the New Field

If you don’t really like what you do now, but you haven’t decided on what career is right for you, I suggest you try to find a job where your existing skills could come in handy.

For example, if you have been working in HR for quite a while now, you can arrange some recruitment courses for small businesses or set up your own recruitment agency. Perhaps, when engaged in the process, you will realize that you have always liked your career and it was your current workplace that made you feel negative.


3. Advance Your Existing Career


Suppose you know for sure that you are not cut out for the job you are currently doing in the company. For example, you work in sales or as a customer support specialist, and you literally hate answering telephone calls.


Take a look around the company, and perhaps you will find a position that speaks to you. If that is the case, go talk to the people from that department:

  •  Ask them about all the advantages and disadvantages of their job;
  •  Ask for advice on how to get the same position and whether it is worth it;
  • Offer your help on a project.

The management team will appreciate your initiative and might offer you a new position that is more suitable for you.


4. Find Something to Do After Work

If you have the time to do something that you love, besides your main job, this is great. Volunteering, helping friends in their business, even starting your own blog, can help you acquire new skills and improve on the existing ones helping you become closer to your dream job without losing your current income stream.

Perhaps your hobby can cater to your professional needs. For example, if you have always dreamed of working in the field of cooking, try to run a culinary blog. There is a chance that you will come to realize this as your vocation. In which case, running a culinary blog will help you gain useful skills and experience and get you closer to your ultimate dream job.


Final Words

Our job is where we spend most of our lives, and so it is crucial that you do something that brings you pleasure. So, ask yourself more often: What can I do to change my career? As soon as the opportunity presents itself, jump right at it.

If you have the experience of changing careers, share your experience in the comments.


About the Author: Max Woolf is a writer. He is passionate about helping people land their dream jobs through expert career industry coverage. In his spare time, Max enjoys biking and traveling to European countries.

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